Your Family Camping Checklist

Your Family Camping Checklist

Camping season will be upon us before we know it and it’s a perfect time to start preparing your checklists, hiking gear and Yakima roof rack so that when the time comes, you will be fully prepared to load that car up and go. Firstly, to alleviate the potential stress of cramming everything into your vehicle, you may want to have a look at something like the Yakima rack as a cargo solution. By the time we get this packing list together, you will see the beauty of having everything stored on top of the car or truck in this great compact rooftop carrier.


Now let’s start with the packing list. Of course this will vary as your hobbies and interests may be different but we will assume that hiking, fishing and outdoor activities are high on your list of things that you enjoy doing while roughing it in the wilderness.

1. Good hiking boots or shoes. This is a must if any real hiking is likely to occur. Note that you will not want to wear a brand new pair of boots without first breaking them in a bit. This is important because if you don’t follow this guideline you could end up with some very sore feet, putting an end to the weekend hiking adventure.

2. Clothes appropriate for the weather and terrain. If you anticipate rain at all, be sure to bring some decent rain gear as trekking in these conditions while wet can get old pretty quickly.

3. A backpack that is size appropriate depending on how long you will be hiking at a time and if the hikes will include staying somewhere overnight. Be sure that you can easily carry with you food, an extra layer of clothing, minimal medical supplies and water to name a few items.

4. A small first aid kit that includes band aids, antibacterial cream, bug repellant, aspirin and any other medications that you may need while away.

5. A tent if you are tent camping. Also if you are tent camping, of course you will need a sleeping bag, pillow, and items to build your campfire. These bigger items will fit very nicely overhead in your Yakima Skybox cargo storage unit so you need not worry about the kids fighting for room in the backseat of the car.

6. A fully charged cell phone and possibly a good handheld gps device if you will be trekking in low populated areas.

7. Any maps covering the area that you will be hiking in. You might also considering bringing a compass if you want to do it the old fashioned way without today’s technologically advanced gps systems.

8. Depending on your interests, bring all your fishing gear, hunting equipment, swimsuits, the canoe…you name it. Bring those items that will keep you, the kids and the dog happy. Hint…don’t forget the dog food if you are bringing the family pet along.


Start getting your packing list together that includes all of the items that are essential to you and your family. Before you know it, it will be time to pack up the kids, the car and the Skybox 21 atop your vehicle and off you go. We hope that this list will get you started and that you have many happy camping adventures ahead of you.

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