Wall Canvas Tents for Extended Camping

Wall Canvas Tents for Extended Camping

Wall canvas tents are just right for you if your group plans on staying in the backcountry. Whether you are on a horse camping trip into the Rocky Mountains catching some trout, maintaining a base camp for hiking then returning to base, or using it for a hunting trip, wall tents are a great choice. They are specifically designed for longer periods of time outdoors.

Wall canvas tents usually have a full metal or wooden frame, and the frames allow them to be extremely roomy and comfortable, but this also makes them heavy. Due to the size of the tents, wood stoves can be placed inside them, as well as all other camping gear accessories. Wood stoves serve the dual function of cooking inside the tent and heating it. These big pieces of camping gear are very durable.

Wall canvas tents are bulky and heavy. So it is probably a good idea not to plan on backpacking with them. They are much more difficult to pitch, and you simply will not be transporting them every day or two. But if you are staying in one spot for a a couple of weeks or more, they make a tremendous and very comfortable base camp. The best way to transport a wall tent is by car, truck, or horseback.

Wall canvas tents, as with other camping equipment, should be quality tents. A quality product is the only way to go, and it will save your money in the long run.

These tents are also designed for four season use. They perform equally well in the summer as they do in the winter. Wall tents can be quite large, easily extending as long as fifteen feet by ten feet wide, and wall tents have enough head room for everybody to stand tall. Two different sizes can be found on page 4 after you click below. Also other camping accessories.

Wall Canvas Tents What are the Benefits

Wall canvas tents provide the ultimate comfort for your family or group, including indoor heating and cooking. You will appreciate this on a cold winter day. Many manufacturers offer portable wood burning stoves. These natural heaters really throw out the heat that keeps everyone feeling warm and fuzzy all over. They provide plenty of head room for everyone. There is even enough room to stroll around inside the tent on a stormy day.

Are Wall Canvas Tents the Right Choice for You

Wall canvas tents offer the extended camper with a lot of options. Campers can design these camping tents to suit their preferences and needs. They can also have separate compartments or appendages. These separate modules can be used by you to increase size and flexibility of your base camp.

Another feature is that they are extremely durable. Wall canvas tents, including their waterproofing, make them heavy and thick. The toughness of the canvas and frames provides for their longevity from season to season.

Wall Canvas Tents

These tents are an excellent choice for extended camping. Indoor heating and cooking are a definite plus. Whenever anyone will actually be living in their tent, the size, comfort, and ruggedness are unsurpassed. These tents are just right when you can drive to your campground and pitch a base camp. Numerous individuals, including hunters, can consider packing a horse or mule to carry this type of camping gear for the really remote camping sites. Also keep in mind that it takes longer to setup these tents. They are not designed for day to day changes.

If you feel that a wall canvas tent is right for you, plan a little bit and always go for quality. Shop for a camping tent of the right size. Determine beforehand whether or not you want a tent heater or stove inside the tent. Also consider add-ons because wall tents are vastly expandable and can be customized to fit your needs, and whatever tent is right for you be sure to stock it with Camping Gear.

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