Things to Consider when Buying a Hiking Backpack

Things to Consider when Buying a Hiking Backpack

Hiking backpacks for your Adventurous side. Comfortable, durable hiking backpacks that will bare with you through Mother Nature’s worst. Take these backpacks on a nice day hike or use them to their potential on a full week mountainous retreat. All of our hiking backpacks are made from the highest quality materials and components to make your hike both convenient and comfortable while meeting the quality demands of a rough hike.

Things to Consider when Buying a Hiking Backpack:

best Hiking Backpack

  • Durability – is it a day hike or a 50 mile mountain expedition?
  • Ergonomic Straps and padded load-bearing pack straps for comfort
  • Contoured Aluminum Bars – sturdy, light-weight internal/external frame packs
  • Large Compartments to hold all of your hiking, climbing, & camping gear
  • Rainflies to keep your pack and all of your food, sleeping bags, & gear dry
  • Hydration Bladder Pouches to keep your water close and convenient

Hiking Backpacks: What’s in a name?

Hiking Backpack

Debating between the top name brand hiking packs and a more cost-efficient alternative? Weigh your pros and cons heavily, because in many situations on a hike, climb, or camping trip, your back pack is your lifeline. For weekend family camp-outs and casual day hikes, a less expensive alternative should work just fine. For 30+ mile hiking trips, rugged terrain camping, rough-and-tumble hikers, you might be better served to trust your gear with a higher-end hiking pack.

Some of your top name hiking backpacks are going to be Osprey and Gregory, with Kelty, The North Face and High Sierra coming in around mid-to-high range. Each of those brands will use high quality, lightweight and durable materials, sturdy construction, with plenty of bells and whistles to justify the price. If you know your hiking pack is going to be taking a beating, go with one of these brands. You never know when you’re going to be dragging your pack through the mud, using it as an anchor, stringing it up from a tree, squeezing it through narrow crevasses, or even using it as a pillow. Your hiking pack will carry your essentials and can literally mean life-or-death.

For Camping, Climbing, Hiking or even School

Best Day packs

Day packs are the ideal size for daily usage. Whether it be on campus or on the mountain, a day backpack will carry just enough gear to get you through the day. Never too small and never an oversized burden, get a day pack and safely keep what you need strapped to your back for today’s adventure.

Protective Bags for Skis, Boards & Boots

Ski bags and Snowboard bags

Ski bags and Snowboard bags for all of your snow sports gear. Don’t carve the mountain until you have the right carrying case for your board, skis or boots. Featuring extra pockets and spaces for your goggles, beanies, gloves, and whatever accessories you may need on the mountain. Get your Ski or Snowboard bag today and guard your gear before you hit the slopes this season.

Don’t let THIRST slow you down!

High Sierra Hydration Backpack

Strap on your High Sierra Hydration Backpack and you won’t have to slow down or stop to take a drink. The durable water pouch sits protected in another supporting pouch inside the backpack. A locking straw travels down the pack’s shoulder strap in reach of your mouth to keep you hydrated as you bike, board, run and ride. Additional zipped pockets and pouches allow you to carry your other sporting supplies within your hydration backpack. Lightweight yet extremely durable, our hydration backpacks are the perfect sporting accessory.

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