The one of Best Tactical Flashlights – BriteStrike BDRC-HLS LED Flashlight

The one of Best Tactical Flashlights – BriteStrike BDRC-HLS LED Flashlight

The best flashlight can come in various types. They can be tactical flashlights, LED flashlights, battery-less flashlights and the mini flashlight such as the MagLite. It really all depends on what it is you want to use the flashlight for. It seems like a daft question, but the best flashlight for a soldier will probably be different to the best flashlight for a camper.

There are quite a few companies, such as BriteStrike, Fenix Flashlight, Surefire Flashlight and others who claim that their’s is the best flashlight around. But, in reality they are all excellent flashlights and what you really need to do is decide what features you want and then check them out to find the best tactical flashlight for you.

One company, BriteStrike making claims on the best flashlight, with their BDRC-HLS Tactical LED Flashlight. This flashlight has been designed specifically for police officers. It is a compact, BlueDot Portable Strobe LED Flashlight that is Rechargeable. It has been designed with Law Enforcement, Security and Military environments in mind and has been packed full of features especially for these types of personnel.

The Best Flashlight – BriteStrike BDRC-HLS Tactical LED Flashlight General Features:

  • One of the best flashlight, which has is rechargeable and includes an AC charger and a lithium cell
  • It can provide a powerful lighting output of up to 220 lumens
  • There are two strike crowns on the front and the rear, which are designed for pressure-point applications
  • It measures 5.2 in. in length, so can be easily carried
  • Included is a ballistic nylon holster, so it is always to hand
  • It is backed up with a limited lifetime guarantee

As you can see there are several features that make this the best flashlight for law enforcement personnel, the powerful LED lighting, a rechargeable battery – so no messing about with spare batteries, is designed with features to aid in self defence and has a holster so it can be carried on a utility belt and is always to hand.

These are the kind of things you need to ask yourself, exactly wah do you want it for and what features you will expect it to have. Then go out and find one from the many manufacturers and get the best tactical flashlights for you.

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