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Best Tactical Flashlights

Last Updated on July 16, 2020

No matter how you started using the tactical flashlights, you never knew there’s more to it than being carried to play hide and seek in the evening. The bright and powerful lumen of the best tactical flashlight was historically developed to fix with a firearm. The light emanated with a sharp focus from the small aperture was intended to assist the user to target at a spot in the dark. Well, nowadays, the best tactical flashlights serve multiple purposes. Starting from providing self-defence by blinding the attacker, to effortlessly carrying portable illumination on your camping treks. The robust construction and durable lighting of Tactical flashlights could empower you with a unique feeling as you hold them with the FBI technique or flaunt the SureFire style. The wide scope of the best tactical flashlights makes them the most futuristic life-saving tools of the present-day world.

Product: Brite Strike Rechargeable Tactical Touch Blue Dot Flashlight

The Hi / Lo / Strobe Flashlight is the Brite-Strike Blue-Dot Rechargeable Flashlight for Police Officers. The light output of the system is up to 340 lumens and the runtime is 2.5 hours. The light beam is a dazzling white light and it comes with a larger ‘range.’ This consists of aluminum milled from a CNC machine and is anodized in black.

Brite strike flashlight

This is one of the best cost-effective flashlights available in the market. It serves the purpose of catching thieves and being safe while hiking in the night time.


  • High and Strobe modes up to 600 lumens
  • Rechargeable battery with AC battery charger (included)
  • Length is 5.2 inches.
  • The bezel width of the flashlight is 1.1 inches
  • Made of aviation aluminium


  • Great light intensity
  • High durability
  • Strong built
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Best for night camping


  • Requires a power source while taken to hiking
  • Low runtime


This is one of the best choice within the range of flashlights. It is worth its cost. Additionally, is it highly useful for police officers and FBI agents.

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