How To Choose a Military Tent

How to Choose Military Tents

Last Updated on October 6, 2020

Rugged, strong, and durable- Military Tents are known for these specialties. But, the question is, how to choose a good quality Military Tent?

These tents have been around for forever. You can find their mention in the history books from ancient, medieval, and even modern history. Military tents were extensively used by the army in every era.

They are used even today by the armies, but their use has also seeped into many new fields too. Many campers use these tents for a great camping experience; reason being, they are the toughest variety of tents available in the market. They are roomie, can withstand much load, and are easy to setup.

How To Choose a Military Tent

As a new-comer to this field, you must be confused about which one to buy. And that’s why probably you are here. Military tents have an edge over all other types, but you’re must be confused between both of them. What is the difference? What to look for? I will answer these questions in this guide and take you through the process of choosing the right Military Tent.

Let’s get started.

What is a Military Tent?

Simply put, military tents are buffed up versions of standard tents. But this is where similarities end. These tents are majorly used in places where there are more people camping. They are big and roomy with a very excellent amount of headroom as well as floor area.

These are also more distinguishable than normal tents as they have a very basic (primitive) shape. Generally, military tents are made up of very thick canvas cloth which helps them to stay put and water-resistant in any weather. However, these are not ideal for extreme conditions such as high altitude mountaineering and hiking.

These tents are best for Family Camping and one should include them in their Family Camping Checklist. Although, they have so many advantages; it looks like they are ideal for every situation, military tents also have some downsides too.

These tents are big and bulky which is acceptable for army soldiers but not for common people. It is therefore tough to carry a military tent around with yourself. Hikers are used to carrying their commute on their backs, these tents are very hard to fit in a small space, hence other tents came into existence.

Although military tents come in different sizes, they are not as small as a standard tent. Depending on the size, these tents have different styles of setup procedures (tying down). You will get to know more when you buy one for yourself.

Now, let’s take a look at different types of Military Tents.

Military Tents for Campers

This article deals with the tents used for camping, therefore we are only going to look at the types of military tents which can be used by campers.

You would not find a great difference between a standard tent and a military tent. The difference really lies in between the sizes and materials used; the military tents are generally bigger in size and made up of more durable materials.

Military tents should be given priority when you are going on camping with the family or a big group of people. There, you can easily fit around 6 people or more in one tent. For family camping, these tents are a great option as they provide a big space. Also, these can easily be fitted with other items.

The problem arises when it is required to carry them in a very small space. Hikers find it very hard to pack these tents with them in their backpacks.

The Military Tents also made of different materials; tough and durable materials. Some of the materials include polyester vinyl composites, canvas, polyester, and sometimes acrylics too. These materials are also used in normal tents too, but in military tents, materials are thicker for added strength.

Another difference is in the way military tents are setup. These tents don’t have a usual dome type structure. They are more like a small-sized home for that extra headroom.

Where are Military Tents used?

These tents are used by the military and their commercial derivatives are also more or less the same. These tents are a great option for campers and hikers. They are very suitable for extreme weather and can withstand wind speed of up to 40 miles/hour. Apart from this, these tents also provide excellent waterproofing in case of rain or snow.

This is the reason why they are a great option for outdoor camping and adventure camping. Military tents are a great choice for maximum protection against cold weather. Almost all the camping clubs use these tents because of their durability.

Talking about the uses of military tents, they are also used in some other places other than military and camping. Many hospitals use these tents in case of emergency. Other places include; schools, exhibitions, emergency rescuing (in case of a natural calamity), etc.

Where not to use a Military Tent? The answer is very obvious. Places of high altitudes where wind speed is a higher level. At high altitudes, you should be looking for something cozy and small so as to keep yourself warm inside. If you are going camping with fewer people (2-3) then you should go for smaller tents which will also save you some pennies.

How to Choose a Military Tent?

Technological advancements have greatly impacted on the designs and sizes of military tents. As a result, there are many different options available in the market for you to choose from. This will make you wonder which one to buy. And you may get also confused between which to buy.

Read further to know what you should look for in a military tent. It will give you a fair idea of the considerations of the different aspects.

Type of camping is one of the first things which should cross your mind if you are planning to buy a tent. Generally, military tents are used for family camping trips or with friends. The typical amount of people involved are around 6-7 people (or more).

For hikers, there are lightweight tents which they can pack with their gear and save themselves from the harsh weather over the mountains. Although they relatively more space standard tents, it is worth carrying them as they are more rugged and provide better protection against bad weather.

So, military tents are ideally made for family camping trips or camping where more than 4 people are involved.

Tent Size is dependent on the number of people going camping. Military tents are a bit smaller than family-sized tents, but the difference is seamless. Hikers and mountaineers should ideally go for smaller sized tents. The size should increase based on the number of people and the additional gear you want to carry.

Decide the floor size based on the sleeping capacity and length, this also helps in deciding the height of the tent. You should look for a size that provides maximum comfort with cost-effectiveness. The size of the tent will also depend on these factors.

Another concern should be the weather and components like the area of camping. This will help you make better choices.

The Design and Materials Used are two factors that will affect your chances of buying a good military tent greatly. You should ideally look for a tent with good floor size and decent headroom; it can be omitted if looking for a tent which you want to use at higher altitudes. At higher altitudes, smaller tents are preferred so to keep yourself as low to the ground as possible. 

There are plenty of designs available now in the market which can get hold of you. Again, you should keep in mind space in the tent. A good design will help you to fit more people in a small space. This is called efficient planning.

The materials used should be robust and tough as the tent is going to go through many things. The material used should be able to ventilate the tent properly and should not allow condensation. The material should also be waterproof regardless of the temperature it is put in.

Sometimes, it happens that the floor material is the same as the wall material. Keep in mind that you should avoid those tents. The floor goes through much more than the walls, therefore it should be made up of tough and thicker material.

Vents and Windows should be present in ample on the tent for better visibility while keeping the tent airy and full of light. The windows are present to fill the light into the ten while the vents provide proper flow of air and prevent condensation on the top of the tent.

In some bigger military tents, vents are not present for a simple reason because the ventilation is carried out by the windows. In smaller tents, windows are blocked with a sheet of transparent acrylic or any other material. So the ventilation is not possible. 

So, these are all the points you should keep in mind while specifically buying a Military Tent. There are many other types of tents also. Every tent is made for different weather and geographic condition. Hence, you should also check for other tents for finding the right one for yourself.

Final Thoughts

Military tents have been in use since ancient times. Technological innovations have changed the design of the tents but they still have a resemblance to those ancient tents. While choosing a military tent one should keep in mind about four primary things; Type of camping, Tent size, Materials used, and vents and windows. There are many other aspects you should look for but these are the things specific for military tents. Best of luck in your search for the best Military Tent.

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