Some Tips About Choose The Military Tents

Some Tips About Choose The Military Tents

Military tents are made to withstand the elements and come in a vast number of varieties. Color choice is generally limited to olive green and jungle, woodland, desert, or arctic camouflage, but there are quite a few different styles to accommodate different environmental conditions. The majority of military tents are designed for quick set up and tear down, and many are exceptionally light, making them ideal for backpackers.

The smallest and easiest to set up military tent is the GI pop-up bed. This one man tent folds down to a 14” circle and literally pops itself open when tossed to the ground. It is essentially a screened in bed and is designed to keep bugs out, but can be covered with a rain tarp for more substantial protection. For those who need a little more room, pup tents, which hold one or two people, and trek dome tents, which can hold anywhere from three to six people, offer a more standard camping experience. These tents are a bit more difficult to set up, but come with thorough water proofing and are more able to stand up to the elements. The dome tents are a better option if you want the room to stand up and store your belongings.

Military Tents

Some military surplus locations also offer cabin style tents. These structures take a bit longer to set up, but can have as many as six separate rooms that can be closed off for privacy. A central common area can be used for socializing, preparing meals, or other activities. These tents are excellent for camping with a large group of friends or for families with older children.

For large groups, extended camping stays, or outdoor parties and festivals, there are military kitchen or general purpose tents. These large structures can take over an hour to set up, but provide up to 972 square feet of usable space. They can be used as a sleeping area for a large camp or as an outdoor kitchen and cafeteria for a scouting trip or family reunion. These tents are not usually made for extreme weather conditions, but do provide protection against the sun and moderate levels of rain.

Best Military Tents

Many military tents are designed to withstand extreme weather situations. Most are able to withstand driving winds up to 40 miles per hour and have substantial waterproofing. The extreme cold weather tent, ideal for mountain climbing or winter camping, can withstand temperatures as low as -25°F. If your outdoor experiences tend to include extreme conditions, a military tent may be the solution.

Most military tents must be purchased through a military surplus provider, although some companies will offer military style tents to any purchaser. Eureka and Colman are two companies that provide these hardy styles of tents.

Military Tents

Military tents are designed for quick set up and tear down, ease of carrying, and ability to withstand the elements. For backpackers, adventure seekers, or even simple family camping trips, these tents can provide the necessary protection without adding unnecessary bulk to your supplies.

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