Pick out the right Binocular Gear For Your Wildlife

Pick out the right Binocular Gear For Your Wildlife

Binoculars are an essential part of viewing nature while hiking, biking or floating in a canoe.  Most wildlife won’t let you get too close to it without moving out of eye site, leaving you with only a thought of what it looked like.  There are many types and styles to choose from.  Pick out the right Binocular Gear, and bring the wildlife to you, so you get a first hand look at it.

best binoculars

The Bald Eagle is making a comeback in the State of Ohio, and a couple of years ago while my wife and I were in our kayaks, we had the honor of seeing one of these magnificent birds in flight.  It landed in a tree well above us, and without our Binoculars from REI, we would not have been able to see it in all of its beauty.

Binoculars use lenses much like a camera does to reflect the image inside of it to give a larger image of what you are looking at.  There are two basic prism designs used in Binoculars today.  The Porro prism uses lenses that make the optical area wider, and a little bit bigger and bulkier.  The Roof prism allows for a narrower optical viewing area as the lenses are up and down.  The Roof prism style Binoculars are generally more expensive do to the tighter tolerances required to produce the images.

Binoculars for bird watching

For the avid bird watcher, nothing is more important than good grade of binoculars.  A lightweight pair won’t wear you out during a long excursion.  Binoculars small enough to fit in your shirt pocket are just as powerful as some that weigh up to two pounds.  It depends on what you plan on doing with them as to what type to use.

Best Binoculars for Hunting

Hunters like Binoculars that won’t fog up while out in the changing climates.  They need to see a good distance to know exactly what they are looking at when they decide to take their prey. Best Huting Binoculars with rugged designs and waterproof are best for them, as they usually get abused by bouncing them around in the field or in a boat when hunting birds.

So the next time you head out into nature, make sure to pack a good pair of Binoculars to take in all the beauty our country has to offer.

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