Top 7 Backpack for Hiking

A good backpack for Hiking can be a boon if bought carefully. Hiking is a vigorous activity that involves long distance walking on trails and mountain paths. With that in mind, you need many things to keep with yourself for survival. Here, hiking backpacks come … Read More

Top 7 Best Dome Tents

Dome tents are an awesome choice for hikers and campers as they are light-weight, waterproof, and easy to pack; a great option for backpacking. These tents are perfect to protect you from chilly winds, rain, snow, etc. when you are outing in the middle of … Read More

How to Select the Best Hiking GPS Unit

GPS units have helped hikers for years to get through the jungle since the late 1980s. Choosing a good GPS unit before going on a hike can be a very confusing task. Especially with all that advanced technology involved in the GPS units nowadays. People … Read More

Camel HAWG Hydration Pack Review

If there are two words for the CamelBak HAWG Hydration Pack, they are; Lightweight and Perfectly Balanced Compartments. In this review of CamelBak HAWG Hydration Pack; we are going to look at different features of the backpack. HAWG stands for Holds Alotta Water and Gear. … Read More

7 Best Coleman Tents

Coleman is a brand that every hiker or camper trusts. Coleman builds tents, a stove, and everything related to camping gears. The brand is well over 120 years old and their legacy gets reflected in their products. It is one of the best brands out … Read More

7 Best Eureka Tents

You can easily tell it’s a Eureka! made a tent just by looking at the design. These tents stand out in the herd and have a very distinct design which solves many problems while being suitable for almost anyone. Read our verdict on the best … Read More

7 Best Snow Tents

You must be looking for the best snow tent, and so you landed here. We, at Gones Camping, have listed our top picks for 7 best snow tents aka 4-season tents. 4-season tents are best for mountaineers and hikers. They are small and very durable … Read More

Family Camping Checklist

One of the most beloved outdoor activities is Camping. And Camping with Family is the cherry on top of the cake. Think of it as ‘build-a-tent’ game, but instead of kids, adults are playing. But Family Camping demands many requites. And to meet that you … Read More

Winter tents for ice and snow

Season based tent settlements are very specific towards their purposes. Winter tents for ice and snow are very unique in their construct. They have waterproofing features to avoid dampening the material. These winter tents also provide insulation against the external extreme conditions. They are also … Read More