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Mountain Hardwear EV 2 Tent Review

Last Updated on October 27, 2020

Reviewing the Mountain Hardwear EV2! Okay, you will find lots of tents available out there. But can you decide which one to buy? Do you even know what to look for in a Tent? The list is a one-pager. There are many things to look for in a mountaineering tent. Considerations include; the number of people, space, walls, vents… and the list goes on. 

First off, this is a product review of Mountain Hardwear EV2 tent. But alongside we will also discuss what to look for in a mountaineering tent. I define the necessity and then compare it with the EV2.

Mountain Hardwear EV2 Review


Let me start by giving an overview of the EV2 tent and then we will see what to look for in a tent.

The Mountain Hardwear EV2 is specifically designed for mountaineering at very high altitudes, temperatures with sub-zero ratings. This tent has exceptional capabilities and designed only for those who like to do intense mountaineering. Therefore the tent has a very limited scope of use and intended to be used by advanced mountaineers.

Everything you can see and touch on/in the tent is made up of premium grade material with no compromise (I will talk more about the material in the latter part of the article).  It is lightweight, easy, and fast to set up, and is very strong. It can withstand very high wind speeds as the shelter can be categorized as a Bivy style tent.

This is the second version of the tent. While the first version was extensively reviewed, it was a hit for most of its time period. The newest version, i.e. EV2 has the bits improved where EV1 lacked.  There are many minute differences between the old and the new versions of the tent. Let’s take a look at the difference between the two:

Increased space: The new version (EV2) is heavier than the previous version. This is because even the EV1 was perfect; it lacked the amount of space inside the tent. EV2 solves that problem by increasing the space.

Canopy material: The canopy material now is 30 D Nylon PU fibers; which makes the tent stronger and durable. This is the reason while being a single-walled tent, it can withstand very high speeds of wind.

Updated Floor Material: The floor is now made up of 70 D Nylon PU fibers which are even stronger than the canopy itself. It is rugged and can bear almost every surface and atmosphere. To be particular, 31 square feet of space is available.

Mountain Hardwear has tried to use premium materials wherever they found necessary. EV1 was a huge success for the company; EV2 is one step further than that.

 A larger Vestibule is also added in the tent for that extra space you need while setting up your gear inside the tent. It is very smartly integrated into the tent itself for better livability and saving a few ounces of weight. Apart from that, there is ample room for 2 people to live peacefully inside.

The EV2 is a very durable tent. It is tougher than its direct competitors like Mountain Hardwear Direkt 2; which is a lightweight yet very strong tent. In fact, this tent is the strongest single-wall tent present out there.

Although you will find this tent to be heavier than the previous version, this is done to make it the toughest in its segment. Comparing it with other tents of the same size and weight, EV2 is strongest while being lightest. 

With all these advantages, the use of a tent is quite limited. The tent is not adaptable to low altitudes as its condensation management is not as good as its competitors.

This was an overview of the tent. And you must be confused if you should buy it or not. To help you, I have compiled a list of features you should be looking for in a tent and then compared those features with the Mountain Hardwear EV2. Read further to know more.

Features in EV2 (How to Pick a Tent)

The Mountain Hardwear EV2 is a tent specifically designed for hardcore mountaineers. Furthermore, the altitudes are more challenging and demand superior strength. There are different tents made for the intended use.

This section will discuss on few plus points of the EV2 while also defining their purpose in an ideal tent.

Space is one of the most sought for consideration while buying a tent. Ideally, you should be looking for a tent that has an optimum level of the room, neither too little nor too much. A mountaineering tent should be able to fit in at least two people their belongings. The headroom is another consideration.

EV2 has the best space management, it can easily hold two persons. And thanks to the integrated vestibule, it can hold all the gear efficiently.

Good Floor sizing is important because inside a tent you will spend most of your time sitting and sleeping; which requires good floor size. Other than that, the material of the floor should also be strong and tough so as to withstand every surface and situation. The bottom of the tents is made up of thicker and abrasion-resistant reinforced materials. The EV2’s floor is water and abrasion resistant made up of high-density polymer.

The aluminum pole is more the supporter of a tent. They help the tent to stand straight and withstand the toughest weather and strongest winds. But many cheap tents come with poles made up of fiberglass, which makes them less durable. You should always go for a tent with aluminum poles as it is lightweight while being strong enough to support the tent.

This tent has the ever strong aluminum poles which makes it easy to set up and strong for multiple uses. These poles are one of the major updates over the last one.

Vents on a tent are provided to maintain proper airflow. As the mountaineering tents are rugged and sealed from every corner for best isolation, it is important for them to have ventilation. The vents help in the prevention of condensation inside the tent and expel the moisture out of the tent.

EV2, being a mountaineering tent has small openings at the top doubling as vents. As it will be used in a harsh climate where wind speed will be high, these vents are perfect for tent.

The vestibule is a portion in front of the tent (like mudrooms) which is specifically made for storing the mountaineering gear and supplies. EV2 has an integrated vestibule i.e. the vestibule is inside the tent which can also be used for sleeping if not in use.

Height is the part where most of the tents lack. The headroom is as important as the floor. EV2 is higher than an average tent in its segment. This places it one step further than its competitors. It can easily hold two people inside itself.

Single wall or Double wall? There are primarily two types of Single and Double wall tents. Single wall tents only have a single layer of clothing as their wall. While the double-wall tents have two lines of clothes as walls.

EV2 is a single wall tent; which is both good and not good. Double-wall tents are rugged but only suitable highest altitudes. Therefore single wall tents are preferred; this tent has a premium cloth material. So it is comparable with double-wall tents.

3 Season or 4 Season Tent. A 3 season tent is typically made to withstand weather conditions related to rain, wind, and hail storm. On the other hand, 4 season tents are typically made to withstand every situation, may come whatever. 4 season tents are usually stronger and also expensive. They are preferred by advanced mountaineers.

EV2 is designed to withstand every weather condition which makes it a 4 season tent. It is upgraded to provide better wind strength and tear resistance.

Tent Weight is important for mountaineers because they need to pack everything in a small and concise space. While many times tents are carried by the mountaineers on their back. Hence weight and folded space should be significantly good.

Practically, you can carry EV2 everywhere with you as it only weighs 4 lbs only.

Summing Up Everything

Mountain Hardwear EV2 is the best mountaineering tent you can find in its segment. Summing up everything lets list down all the key features of the tent in a list. That will help you to properly decide whether to buy it or not.

•Multiple guy points on the sidewall (self-equalizer)

•SVX windows

•Feather-light DAC NSL grade aluminum poles

•Guy Tensioner included

•Integrated vestibule inside the tent

•Watertight snow port on the floor to remove the accumulated snow

•Welded zipper flaps

•Watertight construction

Final Verdict

The Mountain Hardwear EV2 is a tent specifically made for the people who have been a mountaineer for years and like to hike to the highest of the mountains with their gear and tent on their back.

It is not as versatile for use as other tents but is best at what it is made for. My final verdict for the tent: Should you consider it? Should you shortlist it? Or should you buy it?

You should right away buy it! The tent is best for advanced hiking and mountaineering. It is a perfect fit for mountaineers.

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