How To Choose The Pop Up Tent For Camping

How To Choose The Pop Up Tent For Camping

Pop up tents are extremely popular for a good reason. They’re klutz proof! In other words, they are so easy to set up and take down anyone can do it. Also, they come in a variety of sizes and materials, can be used repeatedly, and are inexpensive. In addition, many pop up tents come with special features to make life in the outdoors more interesting. Read on to consider all the fabulous options a simple pop up tent provides. How To Choose Best Camping tents

Sizes and Styles

Pop Up Tent

Most pop up tents involve a domed or rounded structure, that give a surrealistic look in natural settings. But don’t let the cool look fool you: the domed shape makes setup a breeze, and provides strength and durability. Created with either a coiled or umbrella structure, they literally “pop” into their intended shape with little muscle or effort.

Sizes vary with manufacturer and price. However, pop up tents generally range from one man to family sized tents. A family size tent, for example, may be able to sleep up to five or six people. Three and four person tents are also available. If extra size or privacy is an issue, pop ups are inexpensive enough that two three person tents can be used instead. The standard pop up has a height no greater than five feet while the outer dimensions vary.


While pop up tents are extremely durable, consumers should consider the force of natural elements to which they might be exposed. For example, if a pop up tent is to be used simply for a camping trip in good weather, then most pop up tents will do. However, for more adventurous campers who may want to take on colder settings or buffeting winds, pop ups are also available in double wall construction. Since all pop ups will be exposed to the elements, materials are treated to repel rain and ultra violet light, repel dust, and some provide flysheets for added moisture repellent.

Safety Features

Pop ups are extremely safe for a number of reasons. Their dome construction alone is meant to work with natural elements; the sloping sides are created to naturally exist in wind and rain. Also, pop up tents are manufactured with fire resistant materials to add an extra measure of security. Stabilizing cords and lightweight but extremely strong steel poles also add to overall security.

Set Up Time

Depending on the size of the selected tent, most pop ups can be expanded within a few seconds. Actual set up and readying of the tents will only take about five minutes. Pop ups provide such an ease and inconvenience for set up, preparation is not an issue.

Special Features

Special Features
A basic pop up tent will serve any camper well. However, for those who like extra touches, accessories are available. For example, such extras as welcome mats and porch canopies are available. Even better, if Fido likes to tag along, it’s possible to purchase him his own doggy pop up tent!

Pop up tents provide campers what they need: a worry free time in the outdoors.

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