Top 7 Hiking Boots for Men 1

Top 7 Hiking Boots for Men

Last Updated on October 27, 2020

Hiking Boots are the first basic necessity for hikers or someone who is just starting with hiking. There are many things to look after for finding the best boots for hiking especially if you are a starter.

Here, we have listed our top picks for the best hiking boots for men keeping in mind about some common factors that one looks for. We have evaluated each pair with utmost care and attention. The list contains boots that are featured based on their design language, type, components and durability. Each boot is better than the other in some respects.

Top 7 Hiking Boots for Men 1

After the review part you will find a buyer’s guide which will help you choose the best hiking boots. This part is for those people who are looking for boots other than what is mentioned in the review part.

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Waterproof Hiking Boot

These are a versatile pair of boots. Brand claims you can do pretty much everything wearing them, such as; hiking, trail running, casual, and work. Hefty shoes have price tags of $87.50 to $245.50; the prices vary depending upon the size. There are 9 color options available. Getting a hands-on on these boots, we derived that they are not as heavy as we anticipated. The fit and finish is the best in the segment while there is plenty of comfortable padding around the shoe.

The materials are 100% suede leather and mesh, for both waterproofing and breathability wherever needed. Upon wearing, the shoes feel great and comfortable; thanks to the foam paddings. The bellows that are closed-cell foam tongue which keeps the dust and debris out. The sole is a mix of rubber and synthetic materials. M Select Dry feature is very much effective in keeping the water out. Talking about the grip, the 5 mm deep lugs perform good grip.

We went for a short hike on rocky terrain wearing these boots. And we have to say that the stability and shock absorbing is one of its kind. The presence of a rubber cap at the toe is a good additional feature and adds to the protection of your feet.

What did we like about the boots?

The boots are prestigious in terms of comfort; the thick cushioning and high ankle help keep your feet safe and dry. Also the fit is true to the size mentioned by the brand.

What we didn’t like about the boots?

Stretching ability of the boots is not as we expected. We were not able to bend the shoes as much as we thought it could.

Adidas outdoor Men’s Terrex Ax3 Mid GTX Hiking Boot

Hiking Boot

The Terrex hiking boots are the best hiking offered from a world renowned brand; Adidas. These mid-range shoes start from $111 and go up to $249. There are only two color options available; black and grey. The first impressions were a sturdy built with the strong character of the boots. They look fantastic while also delivering a lot of functionality. The shaft is approximately to the ankle height, it will help keep the dust out and your foot entirely safe from any sharp object.

After wearing them, we immediately realized that these are going to be perfect for long hikes and even multi-day trips. You won’t feel fatigue no matter how long you wear them. At the bottom, just above the sole, Gore-tex lining is present which helps keep the water out if you ever happen to put your feet in wet terrain. The stability of the shoes is acceptable but expected the lower sole to be a bit wider.

Other than that, everything is standard like the foam padding, mesh on the upper side and the rubber outsole. Also, talking about the upper material; it is 90% synthetic and 10% mesh. This helps the shoes to be more waterproof and breathable. The midsole is lightweight and durable.

We wore it for a day’s hike, and it stood well against every terrain. The lugs are deep enough to help you grip any surface, even wet and rocky.

What did we like about the boots?

We are impressed by the design of the boots; it looks casual as well as rugged for hiking. The materials are a perfect blend even if they are synthetic and hence provide a superior quality experience.

What we didn’t like about the boots?

The sole is narrower in comparison to other boots so the stability of is not the best on uneven terrain.

Salomon Men’s X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Hiking Boots

Ultra Hiking Boots

Salomon has been in the business of shoe making since 1947. Their time tested shoes are best known for their fit durability. The boots start from $164 and go up to $261 with availability of three color options. Out of the box, the colors on the shoes are more vibrant than the one shown online. These are long boots, the shaft measures approximately mid-top from the arches, which is more than enough. The synthetic materials are used at plenty of spaces, it extends upward from the sole to waterproofing and protection against general wear and tear.

On the comfort front, their performance is acceptable. You can feel some itching over the ankles as the shaft is longer than usual. The footbed is comfortable while all around the shoe holds your foot very well. The “Advanced Chassis” is designed for a superior level of comfort with maximum grip over every terrain. The brand has fixed two different types of rubber that are strategically placed on the lower sole; the heel pattern grabs the rocky more aggressively than the front counterpart. This is evident while wearing the shoes, and gives you more control and stability.

What did we like about the boots?

These are the best boots if you are looking for a superior quality of stability. Waterproofing is also decent but the comfort could have been better.

What we didn’t like about the boots?

The boots are not as comfortable as other competitors.

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Ii Hiking Boots

Leather Hiking Boot

Here come the classic style hiking/mountaineering boots. The Newton Ridge from Columbia brand is the best example of classic design and modern durability and comfort. These are priced at a very aggressive range at $79.95. As only one color option is available, it can be a setback for many. Opening the box we found the shoes look gorgeous in black suede leather and mesh inserts. The rubber sole is fitted with no seams visible, there is no midsole but this only makes the boots more durable. And the shaft measures about 5” from the arch.

These unisex boots are waterproof, comfortable and provide advanced traction and stability. The Omni-grip outsole can provide versatile and wide grip over any terrain. Seams are properly sealed and combined with PU coated leather and suede are best for waterproofing. Although the lip is a mesh construction, it doesn’t provide good breathability. Therefore we recommend wearing them in a cold environment. The fit and finish is also good while the lugs are made differently for grip thanks to the Omni-grip.

What did we like about the boots?

We liked the classic design approach of the brand; this sets the boots apart from the herd. Also, waterproofing is amazing.

What we didn’t like about the boots?

Breathability is an issue with the boots, therefore it is recommended to use them in cold regions.

KEEN Men’s Targhee III Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Boot

Breathable Hiking Boot

Targhee II were one of the best hiking shoes available but had some of the problems with waterproofing. The Targhee III is a fully upgraded version of the same shoe with better waterproofing and durability. The price range on these boots is $83.97 to $319.14 with whopping 9 different color options. Hands on, the boots are stiff as well as nimble wherever needed. The construction is 100% leather with synthetic materials used all over the framework. These are high ankle shoes, which mean that the shaft measures approximately till ankle from the arches. The leather is extended to the most upper and fully covers the lower part. This will ensure waterproofing.

Wearing them, as expected, is comfortable for long trail runs or hikes. The sole is made out of rubber, which absorbs shocks greatly. The KEEN.DRY waterproof technology is very much evident in daily life. We took them for a run on a rainy day; the results are good, no water seeped into the boots. Well, this is given that you don’t put your feet into very deep puddles.

Comfort level is somewhat okay, as they are heavy boots because of leather and other materials. Otherwise, the traction is good with torsional supports known as ESS (External Support Shanks). The TPU heel is wide enough to distribute the force evenly.

What did we like about the boots?

Stability is by far the best for these shoes while the waterproofing has extensively increased from the previous generation.

What we didn’t like about the boots?

They are a bit heavy shoes, therefore running while wearing them can be more demanding than usual.

Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Waterproof Ankle Boot

White Ledge from Timberland are another hiking shoes on the list with a classic design with modern touch. These boots start from $79.9 and go up to $189.9, the brand also offers 5 color options. After removal from the box, the boots feel sturdy and strong as 100% leather is used with mesh. Lace hardware with metal hooks feels durable and strong. Right out of the box, these are trail ready boots. But they can be used for some as rain boots, casual boots, outdoor activities and more. The leather is a full grain upper material with mesh infused at some parts.

Due to the leather construction, the boots hold against water and provide good waterproofing. The mesh ensures the breathability is in check. Sole is made out of rubber with deep lugs for grip on every surface. Also, the collar is padded and there is a compression molded EVA foam midsole for added comfort. You can expect a really good stability as the outer sole is wide enough.

What did we like about the boots?

The boots deliver really good waterproofing with a perfect mix of breathability. They are comfortable and it is easy to walk wearing them.

What we didn’t like about the boots?

They are stiff shoes with heavy entablature.

CAMEL CROWN Men’s Hiking Shoes

Leather Walking Shoes

This is an affordable option for hiking shoes with a price tag of just $67.99. The brand offers three color options with rugged quality and superior built. The boots feel heavy while also very nimble; thanks to the upper leather material and the lower rubber sole. The leather is nubuck leather for easy care, durability and breathability. These are the first hiking boots in the list with a low top which has its pros and cons. Pros are; they are easy to wear and no itching and cons are; this design is prone to accumulate dirt and dust inside.

The comfort level is not the best but acceptable for these kinds of boots. You can also wear these boots as rain boots, casual shoes, city walking etc. Also, the blended fabric combined with the low ankle design do a good job in wicking out moisture. The inner sole is removable, that is a good perk. The outsole provides decent grip but struggles over rocky terrains.

What did we like about the boots?

The boots are affordable and easy wear without any hassle of shaft bending. We also loved the Nubuck leather upper part which makes it a durable option for daily commute and hiking.

What we didn’t like about the boots?

The nubuck leather is prone to creases and cracks eventually.

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right hiking boot is a long process. You have to look for many factors in the boot and work your way towards the final decision. There are many options available. We hope these reviews helped you to narrow your choice.

Below, we have jotted down some points which we followed for finding the best pair for ourselves. It will help you to choose the best boot.

The Materials and Parts

Gain knowledge about what is upper material, the sole, and midsole, inner sole and outer sole. There are many other things like the lacing mechanism etc. will help you to refine the selection process. Try to choose the best.


There are many different types of hiking boots. Just for your reference, here are some of them; Backpacking boots, one-day hike, city walk etc. You should first choose what you are looking for in the boots.


You should look for the shoes which fit you well. It will help in stabilizing your grip and provide best traction. No one likes ill-fitting boots, therefore get a pair that fits perfectly.

Final Thoughts

Hiking boots are best for hiking on every terrain and outdooring. There are few factors you should provide attention to for getting the best pair for yourself. We hope our reviews helped you to find the best pair of hiking boots.

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