The List contains the best Heavy duty campinng chairs.

Top 7 Heavy Duty Camping Chairs

Last Updated on October 26, 2020

Camping chairs are one of the ‘must-haves’ while you are going on for camping, unless you want your bum to get numb. At Gones Camping, we have tested many different hiking chairs for years and today we present to you the list of Top 7 Heavy Duty Camping Chairs.

Simply put, camping chairs are foldable chairs which you can take for camping trips. These are more famous for family camping or camping with friends. Both types of camping styles involve more than two people and sometimes kids. So, it’d be better if you consider buying a rugged and heavy duty Camping Chair.

Top 7 Heavy Duty Camping Chairs

To fulfill your need, we have compiled a list of top 7 heavy duty camping chairs. These chairs have gone under testing for months and each of them is perfect for someone. We considered factors like; weight, usability, ease of setup, design, materials and price. The chairs on this list can easily fit inside cars and can be carried along with other gear.

Let’s get started with the list first.

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

Mountaineering Chair

This heavy duty folding is really the King Kong of the camping chair world. This chair is the most beloved chair by our team of experts. Let’s start with the price and then move on to the different features that this chair offers. Price for this sturdy chair is $59.99 and a total of five color options are available, we specifically love the Red color.

This rugged folding chair is made out of powder coated steel for the frames and the fabric is 600D polyester on the back and the seat. Combined with these materials, the chair can withstand 800 pounds of load. This is the best load bearing capacity amongst any chair on the list.

The armrests are wide enough to keep your hands steady while the height is adjustable, not a perk on all the chairs. Talking about additional features, there is a cup holder on the chair, each arm has a storage bag, there is another storage bag on the back and you will also get a carry bag to carry this bag around with yourself. Here’s our verdict on this folding chair; this is a feature loaded bag with the highest load bearing capacity. It will survive any camping easily.

What did we like about the chair?

The chair has a huge weight bearing capacity; thanks to the steel frame and polyester fabric. It is a feature loaded chair with plenty of pockets and storage space

What we didn’t like about the chair?

The chair is a bit heavier than its competitors.

KingCamp Heavy Duty Camping Folding Chair

Heavy Duty Camping Chair

The heavy duty chair from KingCamp comes with a load bearing capacity of 396 lbs and is made from a rugged steel frame. It is the perfect chair for people who are weight conscious while they go camping. Starting with the price, the chairs will cost you $69.99 while there are two color options available. The dimensions on this chair are 17.7*20.8 inches in height and width respectively. This is by the most functional and practical chai we have ever tested.

Speaking of practicality, this chair has a storage area on the top of the seat back. There is a retractable side table with cup holders, pockets and a bag, which is large enough to hold a few cans of drink. The bag is also insulated for keeping the drinks cool or hot. On the left side of the chair, there is also another hanging storage pouch made of mesh for lightness. You can place your phone or small stuff inside. The seat area is large thanks to the minimalist design approach, but the support is plenty.

What did we like about the chair?

The chair features multiple storage options with optional lumbar support. This the best chair in terms of practicality.

What we didn’t like about the chair?

The chair is a little bit overpriced while there is very little neck support.

ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Folding Chair Heavy Duty

Oversized Camping Chair

Whether you are going for camping or hiking or you’re in your garden, these chairs from Alpha Camp are perfect for each scenario. We loved the design of these heavy duty chairs. These chairs will cost you $69.98 for each chair and there is only one color available, which is a shame. The dimensions on this chair are 25.20*39.37 inches length and width respectively. Each chair weighs around 13.2 lbs and can handle a load of 450 lbs. The load bearing capacity is excellent considering the size of the chair.

Coming to the additional features; the steel frame is hammer tone powder coated to prevent any kind of rust or corrosion. Four extra steel tubes are added at the bottom for sturdy and tough build. The fabric used is 300D oxford fabric with padding at armrests this keeps the comfort in check all the time.

The storage is optimum and just what is needed; on the right you will find a multilayered pocket with a mesh cup holder and on the left side there is just one pocket to keep phones or notebooks. This is a fairly easy to set up chair which folds/unfolds in seconds. When folded the size is just 9.05*38.58 inches, which is really comfortable for carrying around.

What did we like about the chair?

We liked the fact that it is so easy to set up and also the package size is small so carrying it around won’t be a hassle.

What we didn’t like about the chair?

On the comfort front, the chair is not as good as the fabric is stretched all the way from seat to the backrest which is not so comfortable.

Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair

Quad Camping Chair

Coleman is a big camping industry, the Big-N-Tall quad camping chair offers much more than all other chairs on the list. Also, this is the cheapest chair available on the list yet better than many of its competitors. The price tag on this chair is $49.99 with two color options available.

This chair from the brand Coleman has some great features which makes it the best value buy. The construction is standard with steel frames and polyester fabric for support but this is one of strongest chairs. It can easily support 600 lbs. with the much needed stability, this is because of the oversized plastic feet at the bottom.

Some of the features are; padded back rest fabric for comfort, adjustable armrests, insulated cup holders and CellPort pockets made from PVC waterproof materials. CellPort is even touch compatible so that you can use your phone while it is in there or raining. On the other side, there is a mesh flap which helps in holding small items like keys, chargers etc.

What did we like about the chair?

This chair is the best value for money pack. It is affordable with many features like CellPort, mesh pockets etc.

What we didn’t like about the chair?

The back rest is lower than usual.

LivingXL 1000-lb. Heavy-Duty Portable Chair

Heavy Duty Portable Chair

These portable chairs from LivingXL have the highest load bearing capacity of 1000 lb. There are two versions of these chairs, a 500 lb. and another one of whopping 1000 lb. We reviewed the 1000 lb. version and here’s our verdict.

The chair has a price tag of $99.99 with only color options available. The chairs are wide enough to fit oversized persons and remain steady without any buckling as the frames are all steel with plastic padding at feet. Fabric used is 600-D polyester which is fully padded for extra comfort and better weight distribution.

The left armrest features a zippered cooler which will keep your things cool and safe. And on the right armrest, there’s a cup holder and smaller mesh pocket for holding small things. Also the oversized feet are shatterproof, so you don’t have to worry about them cracking.

What did we like about the chair?

The best about the chair is the amount of load it can carry, which is the greatest perk of this chair. Other features are standard.

What we didn’t like about the chair?

The chair is very expensive.

Mossy Oak Heavy Duty Folding Camping Chairs

Folding Camping Chair

This multi-seasonal camping-cum-lawn chair will make your camping trip more efficient as it weighs only 8.5 lbs. This chair is one of the least expensive folding camping chairs you can ever find. The price tag on these is only $39.00 with three color options available. And considering the features that it offers, it is a pretty good chair.

The frame on this heavy duty chair is made from steel tubing which is more than ever resistant to corrosion while also providing best support and comfort. The tubes are also coated with black powder. The frame is sturdy to a certain level which can hold up to a load of 400 lbs. This the best chair for car trips or camping or just as a lawn chair. They are made from a light fabric which is padded at the armrest area.

This chair can also be used for versatile use such as outdoor games, lawn, garden, fishing, hunting etc. The package includes this chair with a carry bag. Other features are; 4-can insulated coolers and a dual zippered pocket on the left side. The pockets are large enough to store big things.

What did we like about the chair?

This is the most affordable chair with all the essential features. We love how it feels and how light weight it is.

What we didn’t like about the chair?

The chair slumps down a bit when a heavy user sits on it.

Guide Gear Oversized Club Camp Chair

Club Camp Chair

Guide Gear is well known for manufacturing military grade family camping tents. These heavy duty folding chairs are no exception. They are the perfect blend of high load bearing capacity and comfort. These generous folding chairs have a price tag of $109.99 while there is only one color option available i.e. tan brown.

The load bearing capacity on this one is 500 lbs, which is enough of a normal sized person. It can bear so much load just because of the frames that it is made from. The frame is a steel frame with optimum amount of riveting for toughness. The chair comes with a plush padding of ultra-comfortable and convenient fabric which is cushiony and made from polyester for durability.

Apart from this the brand has also added some features on the chair for that extra convenience. The chair is equipped with side mesh pockets and a cup holder which are essential while you camp.

We recommend you using these for car camping trips or with your RVs. This is because sometimes you might find it hard to carry around as the weight and size are on a heavier side.

What did we like about the chairs?

These chairs are best for someone who seeks comfort along with the heavy duty usage. These are heavy chairs therefore we recommend them for RV lovers.

What we didn’t like about the chair?

There is a lack of extra pockets which can become a problem sometimes.

Buyer’s Guide

You must have made your mind on what chair to buy for camping and other outdoor activities. Here in this part we have listed the main factors that you should consider while buying a camping chair.

Give it a read.

The dimensions

You are probably buying a folding chair to save space and weight. Therefore, keep a check on the dimensions of the chair as it will save you a lot of time and space. This will help you to transport the chair easily.

The weight

Folding chairs are bought just because they are light in weight, if you are going on a backpacking hike, then saving weight should be your first priority. Choose a chair which is light in weight yet strong.

The material used

Consider a chair made from good quality materials like; powder coated steel, polyester, padding etc. This will decide the loaded bearing capacity of the chair.

Load Bearing

The amount of weight that a chair can sustain is dependent on the materials it is made from. Therefore, look for a chair which can withstand an optimum amount of load.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, the top 7 heavy duty camping chairs. We hope that you take some really good information from our page and get back to us again. We will be waiting for you. Happy camping!

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