Family Tents for Car Camping

Family Tents for Car Camping

Family tents for car camping are perfect for you if a roomy tent is needed or you just want the extra space for comfort. Car camping is the easiest way to get away from your daily grind with a minimum of specialized gear. You do not even need a backpack, unless taking day trips from base camp! A vehicle is your “big pack” for hauling the camping gear. A quality tent, sleeping bag, stove and cooler are pretty much the major specific camping items you will need.

Family tents are designed to be carried in the car, SUV, RV, or even a boat, a backyard camping experience, party for your children, and an absolutely essential piece of equipment during a spousal unity issue with your better half. These family tents can be erected at any campsite, by the road, or your favorite spot in the woods. Family tents can be very roomy, and they can accommodate 11-12 people or more (tight fit). Family and car camping tents usually contain separate rooms or compartments, which will enable you to put the youngsters, in-laws, and friends in their own room for privacy or just for maintaining your sanity. The number of people a tent will accommodate means for sleeping.

Family Camping Tents
Although family tents are generally heavier and bulkier than smaller accommodations, they can be erected without much effort and always easier to disassemble. This makes them a perfect choice for frequent campers who enjoy the added comfort and leisure as new or an addition to your camping gear. Remember though, the size and weight of family tents will not make it easy to tote them around while climbing a mountain or deep in the forest, because they can exceed 40 lbs. This is family camping equipment. Everyone can backpack from base camp.

The numbers and styles of family tents have escalated with their popularity. From the length of the tent to the standing room height, these cabin tents are massive in the tent world. No more achy backs from the stooping movements once you are inside the tent. They are specifically designed to coddle the entire family with the added feature of privacy simply not found in other types of camping tents. While family tents are not designed for the backpackers or everyday move, they are perfect for family retreats into that wonderful, invigorating outdoor experience. So, if you do intend to spend a few days at each spot, and do not mind setting-up a large tent, the family tents or car camping tents are perfect for you.

Camping Tent Styles

Family tents are sometimes referred to as cabin tents, and they are really best used for car camping. You are probably already aware that this is the most popular type of camping today, and you can even move into a luxury family tent for real relaxation. Cabin tents are the perfect tent for families or groups of people who will be camping in the campgrounds of national parks, national forests, private campgrounds, and all of the other established camping sites. These tents can also double for your backyard entertainment. And for that extra privacy, you will not believe this latest addition of the privacy tenticon for showers and other non-public matters.

Family Tents for Car Camping

To summarize the benefits of family or cabin tents, they are for several persons who will be camping in established campgrounds, in comparison to other small, backpacking type or car camping type tents, they have:


Cabin tents are huge. They are the perfect tent choice for families with kids or parties or just for comfort.


The height of cabin tents or family camping tents is generally enough to allow most people to stand straight up. This prevents the necessity of stooping when moving around inside the tent.


Family camping or cabin tents are designed for 3 season use, and perform extremely well in that function. The quality family camping tent can withstand horrible rainstorms (button down the fly and windows), can remain very cool in hot weather (open up the flaps that cover the windows and doors), and by properly erecting the tent it can easily withstand high winds. And even during the rains, the roomy size of cabin or family tents make them perfect places to retreat until the rain stops.


All of these benefits allow maximum comfort for campers. Cots, chairs and tables can used inside these tents, allowing a degree of comfort that is unavailable in smaller backpacking or car camping tents.

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There is one other possible tent you could consider when car camping or just for the backyard. A screen house is perfect for family campers and backyard picnics. Yes! … if you want to prepare food and enjoy eating it without the bugs, a screen house is a must.warm and cosy camping tens

Please remember when purchasing your family camping tent, you generally receive quality in direct proportion to what you pay. It is highly recommended for your comfort, safety, and enjoyment that a good quality tent is purchased. You will be thankful for the ease of setup, rainproofing, unbroken zippers, and good flooring. A camping gear checklist will also help you decide what to take on your adventure.

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