Top 7 Family Camping Tents 1 1

Top 7 Family Camping Tents

Last Updated on October 27, 2020

Outdoor camping and adventure hiking have been things if past due to this entire COVID-19 situation. But gradually everything is opening up, and so are the campsites. Now is the right time to choose the best family camping tent.

We have compiled a list of the top 7 Family camping tents- just for you so that you buy the right one. These tents are not chosen on a random basis; we have done rigorous research and quality check before presenting them to you. The tents were checked for durability, ease of use, practicality, design, added features, and price.

Top 7 Family Camping Tents 1 1

A tent for family camping is not cheap, therefore we have put all the thought into choosing the best so that you don’t have to put too much of your efforts.

The list consists of only the best tents. This will help you further narrow down your choice

Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping

8 Person Tent 1 1

This is one of the ultimate family camping tents available out there. Coleman tests this tent for wind speeds of up to 35 mph and rain of over 35 gallons of water within 10 minutes. The tent should keep sturdy and waterproof in extreme situations like this.

Waterproofing and toughness are ensured by the welded corners and the inverted seems. They also keep it protected in almost any weather condition. The setup procedure barely takes 15 minutes. And the hinged door makes it very easy to get in and out of the tent. The door is procured by a zipper.

Talking about the measurement, it is 16*7 feet which can easily house 6 queen-sized beds. The center height is 6ft 2inches that makes it very easy to walk around in the tent. Being a large-sized tent, it weighs about 11kgs, therefore carry around or storage can be an issue.

Apart from this, there are angled windows which can be kept open while raining. The brand has taken care of everything; hence there is a dedicated port to run the electrical wires inside.

What did we like about this tent?

It is an easily recognizable tent with its big dimensions, which is a really good thing. 8 people can easily fit inside a tent. We found this tent to be very durable while being watertight. There’s also a carry bag included if that’s of any concern to you. Also, no other tent has an e-port at this price point.

What we didn’t like about this tent?

While the company claims it to be a waterproof tent. But being such a big tent, it sometimes leaks from the seams and under the floor.

Best for: Long Family Camping Trips

Pacific Pass Camping Tent 6 Person Family

Family Dome Tent 1

Dome styled tents are best for windy and rainy regions, this family camping tent from Pacific Pass is made just for that. It’s a 12*12 feet tent with a screen room of 12*4 feet for extra space. It is for sure a roomy tent for a great camping experience.

The brand calls it a smart design that is it has a screen-in porch from where you can enjoy the awesome views. The porch can also be used to keep things and gears. And to keep things organized, they provide 2 mesh bags and one net bag.

The dome design works as a rain fly while the whole structure made up of high-quality 190T polyester 63D. The waterproof rating is 1200 mm. additional features include; a hook for the lantern, gear loft, wall pockets, and 12 stakes with ropes. The same material as the walls is used on the floor, which is not that great. So, you may have to protect it from any sharps.

The ventilation of the tent is to the point and just what is needed. Therefore, it is not a great option for camping in colder regions. Weight-wise, it is only 7.5 kg heavy which is good considering that the pillars are made of fiberglass and the 12 stakes.

What did we like about this tent?

It is placed in a very comfortable price range considering the practicality it offers. The design is great too with functionality. We appreciate the brand for making it so lightweight and packing it in a small space so efficiently.

What we didn’t like about this tent?

The floor material can be improved; otherwise, it is the best value for the money.

Best for: Camping in autumn and Spring Seasons

NTK Laredo GT 8 to 9 Person

Foot Sport Camping Tent

Made from 190T polyester and coated with polyurethane, this tent is 100% waterproof. The brand has used only the supreme quality material to make this tent. From the poles to the seams to the floor, everything feels premium. But it comes at the cost of hike in the price; this is the most expensive tent on the list.

However, it can easily fit more than 8 persons at once. Which brings us to the dimensions of the tent; it is a 10*15 feet tent. Considering the height of the tent, it is 6.2 feet which are sufficient for getting around in the tent. Also the tent’s height it even so it helps even further, better than a dome styled tent.

The quality can also be seen at the seams, they are partially aluminum and heat welded. The large D-style door also has a mosquito net that allows ventilation while taking a great view. Frames are made up of 100% virgin Nano-flex fiberglass with an increased diameter for strength.

What did we like about this tent?

The first thing we checked for this tent was the floor and whether it is waterproof or not. To our surprise, this is the perfect tent for sealing the water off from the ground. Although it looks like a bulky tent, it weighs only about 10.8 kg. We also loved the material quality.

What we didn’t like about this tent?

The factor affecting here is the price. It is a pricy big tent you should buy one only if you are really serious about camping.

Best for: Advanced level camping

CORE 6 Person Dome Tent 11′ x9′

6 Person Dome Tent 1

This is one of those tents which looks small on the outside but is quite roomy from inside. It can easily fit around 6 people and if required 7 people can also fit in. It is a 3 season tent, so not ideal for cold seasons.

The advantage of having this tent is that it is a free-standing tent which means it can pitch over any surface. Otherwise, the stakes and guy-lines are included. It is a dome-type tent which has its own good and bad points; such as walking around inside this tent is not that easy while the dome shape keeps the weight of the tent low. Cabin style tents are best for headroom and walking inside.

The dimensions are as follows; 13.2*10.8 feet and the height is 6 feet. We also check the floor and it is provided with a vent on the floor, which is uncommon but functionality-wise it’s good. The tent can easily fit 2 queen-sized beds as the floor area is 9*11 feet (for 6 people).

Additional features include an adjustable ground vent, an electrical cord access point, a lantern hook, and a bag.

What did we like about this tent?

It is placed in a very great price range and according to its features, it is a 100% win. The set up was also very easy as it is also a freestanding tent. We kind of like the design too.

What we didn’t like about this tent?

This tent is not made for heavy rains and also there is no vestibule provided.

Best for: Small Country Trips

Toogh 3-4 Person Camping Tent

Camping Tent for Backpacking

The Toogh camping tent is a dome type 3-season tent with a hexagonal floor shape. Also, it should be noted that this is a tent designed for 2 adults and 2 kids; not for 4 adults as they portray it. This is the best option for a family camper with kids.

The assembly of the tent takes only about a minute and the tent is fully erect. Pitching is easier than ever before, just lift the top of the tent and it erects into its original form and shape. It is made out of 100% polyester, so the shell is quite waterproof. The floor is water to the levels of 10 mm while the walls feature two T styles doors for easy access and ventilation.

Apart from being so good and affordable, it is not the best option when considering rain or snowfall. Ideally, it should be used in dry regions. The materials used are also not the best, but so is the price.

What did we like about the tent?

This is the tent that will not go very harsh on your pocket. It is a big-time money saver with all the essential features. The shell is 3000 mm water-resistant. We also like the fact that how easy it is to pitch this up.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

The quality standards can be better and fitting 4 people is quite tough.

Best for: Short family trips

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

8 Person Klondike Tent

This tent should have been higher on the list, the only reason it sits here is its price. It is the second most expensive on the list and claims to be 100% watertight, but it isn’t. Some of the water may seep inside in heavy rainstorms.

The dimensions are quite large at 16*11*6.5, in fact, the largest tent on the list. It also has a porch area and the main house which can accommodate 8 people. There are two doors because of the partition between the porch and the main room. One door is for the porch (main entrance) and the other is for the main room. The main door is a T style door and the inner one is a circular type.

Probably the most ventilated tent you can find out there. It has two giant mesh windows and several lower vents. Even though it is a big tent, the fiberglass poles keep it sturdy and strong even in the harshest weather. Rainfly is also included in the tent, but using it sometimes makes it hotter.

What did we like about this tent?

This is a very spacious tent which is the biggest plus point. Additional features like lightweight, rainfly, and ventilation make it a great choice.

What we didn’t like about this tent?

Being an expensive tent, it should be waterproof from all corners. But some of the water seeps in from the under-side of the floor.

Best for: Long Trips with Family

MOON LENCE Family Camping Tent

Pop Up Tent Family Camping Tent

This is the cheapest option available with acceptable functionality. Practically, this is the best tent under $100. The material used in 190T polyester 210D Oxford cloth. Both perform well when it comes to durability.
This dome-type tent is perfect for 3-4 persons. There are 4 windows in the tent with one large opening working as a front door. You can add 1 queen-size or two single beds inside. Or you can go with sleeping bags.

It is a 3 season tent, although its waterproofing is 2000 mm. The dimensions are 12*14 feet and the height is around 6 feet.

The package it comes includes; guy ropes, stakes, peg, and a carry bag. It is the lightest of all that is around 4.65 kg.

What did we like about the tent?

The tent is a completely freestanding tent which can also be tied down with the help of guy strings. The tent is very much ventilated, thanks to the big windows available whereas it is also a very light tent weighing only 4.65 kg.

What we didn’t like about this tent?

Although the ceiling is 6 feet in height, as it is a dome type tent, therefore standing inside it is a big challenge.

Best for: Countryside trips

Buying Guide

Tents are your home when outing in the woods or in the mountains. Hence, it is very important to look for the best tents for your family for the best experience.

Before buying a tent you should think of the needs of yourself and your family members. There are four choices that you should make for the best experience. Read further to know more.

Find the right size

You should first decide the number of people in your family and according to that go for a good size. For 4 adult members, go for around 10*10 feet of floor size. Go for the size of a tent that can hold one person more than actually required. This is for gear and luggage.

Talking of headroom, dome type tents are not so good at providing great headroom, therefore look for cabin style tent if possible. Another option is a screen room type, it includes a porch in addition to the main room.

Set-up time

This is more important than you think. Ease of set up removes the hassle and frustration after a long road trip to the campsite. Therefore, you should always make a family camping checklist.

Look for the number of poles and the segments in which the tent erects. Ideally, the less the segments easier it is for you to set it up.

Go for a quality product

Say you only go camping once a year with your family, so you opt for cheaper options. But in that one trip the tent tears apart or it is not waterproof. That would be miserable.

Therefore, it is wise to look for the best value for the money type of a tent. Don’t go for the most expensive tent but pick a decent with good quality of materials.

Added features

There is room for everybody in your family inside the tent but what about the gear and personal belongings? So, check for those extras, they will boost the camping experience a hundred times.

Some of the features are storage pockets, mesh mosquito screens, vents, etc.

Before finalizing a tent try it out if possible. This will give you a better idea of what you are going to get.


Family camping tents are big in size to accommodate a number of people inside. So, you should be extra careful while buying one for yourself.
After reading this review, you must have got a clear idea of different family camping tents.

Best of luck with your camping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the best family camping tent?

There are plenty of family camping tents present out there. Take a look at our top 3 picks:
1. Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping
2. Pacific Pass Camping Tent 6 Person
3. NTK Laredo GT 8 to 9 Person

Q2. When’s the best time to buy a tent?

The best season for camping is ideally the spring and autumn seasons. Otherwise, you can also choose to go camping when the camp season is ending and most of the people are leaving i.e. just before the winter start. It is for the people who like to be in solitude.

Q3. What should I look for when buying a tent?

At the very basic, you should look for 4 main things when buying a tent for family camping:
· The size
· The price
· Ease of use and setup
· Number of added features

Q4. Are Coleman tents any good?

Coleman is a brand older than a hundred years. They started manufacturing tents and camping gear is 1996. They make one of the best camping products in the industry. And their tents are the best in class.

Q5. What is a dark room tent?

A dark room tent blocks out about 97% of the sunlight to help you sleep even in the sun/daytime. The inner material is made of darker material that blocks the light.

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