Coleman’s Most Popular Tents

Coleman’s Most Popular Tents

The Coleman Weather Master Screened 4 and the Coleman Weather Master Screened 6 are family camping tents that combine a sleeping area with a floorless screened room. The tents measure 14’x9’ and 17’x9’ and provides ample floor space throughout. The screened room ensures an insect free environment for picnics or a place to relax in case of rain.

The Coleman Sun Dome 7’x7’ is a 3 person tent that assembles in minutes. The rainfly covers doors and windows allowing water run-off while keeping the interior dry. This tent includes the WeatherTec System providing bathtub flooring, taped seams and other special manufacturing techniques to keep tents dry in case of rain.

Coleman’s Most Popular Tents

The Coleman Montana 6 measures 12’x7’. As with all Coleman camping tents, the ventilation is adjustable. An electrical access port enables the use appliances within the tent. The tent includes the WeatherTec System.

The Coleman Ara 4 measures 9’x7’. Taped fly seams and zippered cuffs ensure rain will not leak inside. An electrical access port is also provided on this tent. This tent is made with the WeatherTec System.

The Coleman Sundome Tent measures 10’x10’ and sleeps up to five people. This tent also comes with Coleman’s patented WeatherTec System.

Coleman Company Overview

Coleman’s Most Popular Tents

Coleman is the company noted for camping and it manufactures a wide range of camping gear in addition to making over 50 different types of camping tents. The company produces everything a camper needs for the campsite, inside and out. The Coleman name can be found on everything from cooking stoves and lanterns to sleeping bags and coolers.

Coleman family tents sleep from 2 to 8 people and are available in dome, cabin and tunnel designs. The backpacking tents start out at 3 pounds and are available in dome, tunnel and geodesic models. Hinged door and lighted tents sleep 6,7 or 8 people and have a unique door design. A battery operated dome light uses an energy efficient bulb to provide up to 22 hours of light.

Coleman has joined forces with the Stearn, Sevylor and Hodgman companies to provide consumers with life jackets, towables, floats, canoes, kayaks and waders, among other outdoor gear.

History of Coleman

Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent

W. C. Coleman started his company in the early 1900’s by making gas lanterns in Witchita, Kansas. Not only did he provide light at a local football game, but his invention allowed farmers to work in the dark. In the 30’s, Mr. Coleman was making gas furnaces and space heaters while a Canadian plant was opened. During WWII, he was commissioned by the military to manufacture a portable cook stove that was light, convenient and could run on a number of fuel sources. After the war, the stoves became increasingly popular for camping. By 1957 an insulated food cooler was developed and the product line kept growing. Coleman now has plants in the US, Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia, Mexico and Venezuela.

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