Camping Tents Food and Gear Selection Tips

Camping Tents Food and Gear Selection Tips

Camping tents, food, and gear selection is easier than most people might think. If you are new to camping, or you have not been able to go camping and use your camping gear for a few years, spend a little time with us.

After a day of fishing, hiking or both, an excellent dinner prepared with your camping food recipes (receipes) really rounds off a fabulous day. Preparing food in a Dutch oven (simple one pot meals) is easy, and these recipes are delicious. Look over the hundreds of Dutch oven recipes, and get the tips on planning a camping food menu. Believe me, it is the same as preparing a menu at home, but WOW! … you are going to be a hit with these ideas.

No idea where to start selecting camping gear or equipment? We will provide you with detailed explanations of what to take and why, but, of course, you make the decision. Our camping gear for family car camping page provides you not only with suggestions, but explanations as well. As with any camping adventure, the camping items depend on your preferences and comfort level.

Camping tent Tips

Camping tents are designed for the seasons and the number of people they will accommodate. We will explain the differences. The basics are: convertible tents, winter tents, 3 season tents, 4 season tents, backpacking tents, family tents (large camping tents for SUV’s), wall canvas tents … stop already. We will help make your selection easy.

We will guide you through the process of selecting the right backpack for backpacking, whether it is for a day hiking trip, a weekend trip or longer. Properly fitting a backpack, properly packing a backpack, and which camping tents are right for your specific adventure.

Do you need a sleeping bag, and if so, which kind? We will take you through the process of choosing the right bag for you and your family members. It is actually painless and easy.

Kelty Mantra
Should you be wearing a hiking boot or hiking shoes? There are different types of hiking boots, and the right hiking boot depends on whether or not you will be dayhiking or backpacking. We will help you make informed decisions.

Thousands upon thousands of campers have discovered that an inflatable boat, kayak, or canoe isn’t what it used to be. They are strong and durable, easily manageable, extremely safe, lightweight, and some even support up to a 40 HP engine. Many of the best lakes and rivers do not allow motors, but you can simply take your inflatable boat out of your SUV or trunk of the car and off you go within minutes. These inflatables will enhance your trip, and boat camping is becoming a very popular outdoor activity.

Sea Eagle
Ever dreamed of Alaska backpacking? This state encompasses over 238 million acres of land preserved by the federal government, which is more vast than any wilderness you can imagine. We’ll show you around.

Explore the wonders of California. Follow us on a tour from Northern California – the Alpine California Lakes and Giant Redwoods, through Central California, and on down to the south. You will be able to access almost any of the California Maps that interest you – California State maps, California County Maps, California road or highway maps. You can follow along as we explore the state by opening, downloading or ordering your own maps.

Plan your camping trip online. We give you the sources for ALL National Parks and State Parks; over 1,000,000 RV parks, campsites, and campgrounds; and how to make your reservations online.

We are here to help with all your questions and introduce you to a new adventure in inexpensive vacationing, and mouth watering camping recipes. Need a California map, topo map, trail map, or find the perfect camping site or campground in the United States or Canada? Yep, your family will find it here.

Camping tents, food, and gear will get your family out of town more often for a lot less money.

From camping tents erected on a small camping site in a meadow with a stream, a fabulous cabin in the mountains or by a lake, to just backpacking, everyone’s idea of “camping” is always a little bit different. This site is designed for each of you.

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