Camelbak Hawg 100 oz Hydration Pack

Camelbak Hawg 100 oz Hydration Pack

The Camelbak Hawg is the perfect hydration system for hiking or mountain biking enthusiasts.

Don’t worry about lugging cumbersome water bottles along…simply strap this pack on your back and you will be good to go for hours!

Features of the Camelbak Hawg 100 oz:

Camelbak Hawg 100 oz Hydration Pack

  • holds up to 100 oz of water and includes an additional storage area totaling 900 cubic in. of space
  • excellent ventilation within the back panel system that is well padded
  • water access is very convenient and easy to get to
  • made with excellent dual side compression
  • padded shoulder straps are fit for comfort for even the longest of hikes or bike trips
  • includes a suspension harness that is dynamic and keeps the pack stable as you move
  • can easily customize the fit of the hydration pack to suit your body
  • includes a waist belt that is removable
  • the water reservoir is made with OMEGA HydroTanium and a sturdy polyurethane film that is super resistant to almost any kind of shock
  • the actual drinking valve is ergonomically placed for convenient use
  • includes a rain cover so that the hydration system can be used during all kinds of weather conditions
  • includes a reservoir pocket that is well insulated so that you can keep water cool for hours
  • includes a big cargo pocket with an organizer within to hold keys, tools and other accessories
  • Want to carry your MP3 player with you? Includes a special pocket for this purpose at the top of the pack for easy access.
  • includes 2 additional external zip side pockets for added storage
  • lifetime warranty on the reservoir

The Camelbak Hawg hydration pack is one of the best brand names when it comes to reliable and innovative hydration systems! We wish you all the best as you set out on your trekking and riding excursions!

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