7 Best Snow Tents

7 Best Snow Tents

Last Updated on October 25, 2020

You must be looking for the best snow tent, and so you landed here. We, at Gones Camping, have listed our top picks for 7 best snow tents aka 4-season tents.

4-season tents are best for mountaineers and hikers. They are small and very durable and reliable in the winters or snowy areas. The materials used are specifically made tougher and for backcountry camping. While compared with the 3-season tents, 4-season tents are lighter, rigidly-made, and can handle many tough climates.

7 Best Snow Tents

Talking about the materials; the canopy and rainfly are more defensible, tougher poles, better frame rigidness, and a very sturdy structure. Having so much more than conventional tents, 4-season tents are also affordable. The possible use for one of the typical tents can be base camping, hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, camping at high altitudes, and also treeline.

We have picked the best snow tents and tested them in accordance with a set of rules. The list contains 7 snow tents and taken from the top brands. We reviewed each of them and here is our verdict.

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GEERTOP Landlope 3 Camping Tent for 4 Person

Camping Tent for 4 Person

Landlope 3 is a good tent for 4 persons and 4-seasoning. This waterproof tent is priced at around $231.99 and has enough space for family/friends. It is a great snow tent for outdoor travel and hiking.

The dimensions of the tent are as follows; 82.7*84.64*49.21 inches. Specially designed for winters and snowy regions, it has two layers, an inner layer (which is a free-standing tent) while the above layer is a rainfly. Rainfly also has an integrated vestibule that can be used for storing gear.

It has 5 windows, 2 mesh doors, and vents for superior vents which ensure no condensation. Keep breathing in every situation. 2 people can easily set up the tent. It weighs 10.14 lbs for a family camping tent, it is really light. As usual, the material is waterproof polyester. The tent can easily withstand high winds, rain, snow, and storms.

What did we like about the tent?

It is the best option you can get for camping with family campers in snowy regions and winters. The tent keeps the inside warmer than the outside and also ensures a good ventilation system. The material is best for waterproofing.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

It can be a bit of a hassle to put the vestibule over the tent.

ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2-Person Tent

Mountaineering Tasmanian Tent

Tasmanian is a specific tent designed for mountaineers and hikers. The price for one of these is $349.99 and available in two very distinct colors; copper/rust and orange/grey. It is best for 2 persons and can withstand any climate.

The dimensions for this tent are 62*82*46 inches. Materials used are good i.e. polyester for both walls and fly. It is UV and water-resistant, the poles are made from aluminum with guided systems to help ease the setup procedure.

The two doors are great for ventilation combined with zippered mesh windows. The best part though is the presence of 8 zippered pockets; they are very helpful for storing gears and belongings. The rainfly fully covers the tent and also makes two rooms for vestibules, one at the front and the other at the rear. Also, the tent is a freestanding tent for really comfortable pitching. The package for this tent weighs 7 lbs 15 oz. You can find the main tent body, poles, guylines, and stakes inside the package with a carry bag.
It is a perfect set of couple hikers as it can be easily carried around attached to the backpack while also being light.

What did we like about the tent?

The tent is a very light tent (7 lbs 15 oz.) best for mountaineers and couple hikers. The built quality of the tent is of a superior level. The ventilation is also very good for the tent.

What didn’t we like about the tent?

The center height is very less, it should have been more.

Naturehike Cloud-Up Backpacking Tent

Lightweight Backpacking Tent

A snow tent is made to last every season. This 4-season tent from Naturehike can accommodate 3 persons and comes with a footprint and a snow-skirt. There are actually two variants of this tent; 2 and 3 people, you can buy each of them in white gray colors.

The 20D nylon cloth is really great at preventing water splashes and winds. Even with the heaviest rains we encountered in this tent, there was no water seepage inside the tent. It held strong against the winds of up to 40 mph. The rainfly is also made from the same material and coated with PU4000mm water-resistance and UV 50+ sun protection. Also, the vestibule extends 24 inches ahead of the tent after putting on the rainfly.

To keep the weight light, poles and stakes are made of aluminum and hence strong enough. Everything is made to keep the weight down, rip nylon rope, and carry bags. It weighs at 3.75 lbs. Dimensions are; 83*49*39 inches which is enough for 2 persons. As the tent is a freestanding tent, it takes less than 5 minutes for one person to pitch it.

What did we like about the tent?

It is a very light tent and we liked the fact that they have made everything very light yet durable. The rainfly is coated with a water-resistant coating which is really helpful in keeping the water out.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

We wish the floor material was a bit more durable, we always have to put an extra protective layer of material below to keep it from scratching.

Snugpak Scorpion 3 Tent

4 Season Camping Tent

This masterpiece tent from Snugpak can accommodate 3 people easily and 2 people with their gears. It is a 4-season tent that is available for $360.58 in stunning olive green color. The design is military-style and aerodynamic which can handle air from any direction.

The dimensions on this tent are; 87*69*43 inches where 43 is the center height. The tent when packed is sized around 17*8 inches with a weight of 7.5 pounds. The poles come with pre-fitted press-fit connectors and made of anodized aluminum. We also found that all the seams are tape-sealed which provides world-class waterproofing.

Wall and flysheet is 210T polyester RipStop with a 5000mm waterproof and windproof coating. The coating is very useful during the storms and rain. The package comes with a tent, poles, guylines, guy tensioner, patch material, elastic loop, spare cord, etc. On the ventilation front, the tent features a 1 door and 3 vents distributed across the tent; the ventilation is not that great and can find occasional condensation. Otherwise, it is a really good tent for camping while hikers would love it.

What did we like about the tent?

This tent features a really unique design with plenty of functionality. Its true potential can be seen in a windy region as it handles the winds very effortlessly.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

Considering the amount of value that the tent packs, it is a really very expensive option.

Kelty Outfitter Pro Tent

Outfitter Pro Tent

The Outfitter Pro is famous amongst motorcycle and bicycle campers. This beautiful looking tent costs $353 and is available in gray color. It is a 4-season snow tent which 4 people can sleep in without any hassle in the snowy regions.

The tent is a freestanding tent which means it can support its own weight in any terrain. You do not need stakes to pitch the tent. Although in windy regions it is advisable to stake it down for obvious reasons. There are two vestibules present on this tent and both are utilized when rainfly is on. Both the vestibules are large enough to accommodate gears, boots, and other belongings. Kelty has also added a gear loft and some pockets at the inside.

The 2 door setup is really helpful as the space is quite tight. The dimensions are; 87*99*52 inches while the weight is 8 lb 1 oz. The floor material is 210D nylon and is thick enough to withstand wear and tear it is presented to. Floor also has a waterproof rating of 3000mm. Walls are made from 70D polyester and 40D mesh for superb ventilation. Rainfly covers the full tent body with a rating of 1800 mm waterproofing.

There are other sizes also available for this model, you can consider them if needed.

What did we like about the tent?

The tent is great at; materials used, price, durability and the usage of space.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

Every tent manufacturer at this price point provides a footprint and somehow Kelty was shy to provide one.

MoKo Waterproof Camping Tent

Waterproof Family Camping Tent

This waterproof tent from MoKo is a portable tent for 3 persons. It is a dome tent that can withstand every 4 seasons i.e. summer, spring, autumn, and winters. The price for this is $99.99 which is really cheap.

This dome tent has dimensions of 82.7*70.8*41.3 inches and a weight of 9.9 lbs. The setup is fairly simple, there are three fiberglass poles which are color-coded for better and easy pitching. The rainfly is a 68D 190T polyester with water-resistance of 2000mm. Also, the main wall fabric is coated with a waterproof coating of 2500mm and can also handle UV rays very well.

The rainfly covers the tent fully and even extends 3 feet further. The floor is a polyethylene material with 5000mm waterproofing. The front vestibule gives extra room for storing gears and belongings. There is also a window at the end of the rainfly for ventilation.

What did we like about the tent?

This is the cheapest snow tent that offers so much functionality. Considering the price point it is the best option.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

Being cheap also means that the brand cuts the price in some places. Here, the floor and the rainfly are not very good at waterproofing while the poles are also fiberglass construction.

Eureka! Mountain Pass 3 Person, 4 Season Backpacking Tent

Mountain Pass 3 Person

Eureka! was established in 1895, and therefore they have plenty of experience in manufacturing the tents. Mountain Pass is a 3-person 4-season tent from the brand ideal for camping in winters. The floor area for this particular tent is 45 square meters and its price tag is $369.

Our favorite thing about the tent is its convertible tech i.e. it is a 3-season cum 4-season snow tent. The zipped side panels on this tent are removable which act as doors and are situated on the sides of the tent. As they can be removed, the ventilation problem is eliminated.

The smaller footprint and the low height ensures a low center of gravity, so it can withstand storms and high wind speeds. The rainfly can cover the whole tent, while it can also convert into two vestibules at the front and end of the tent. The front vestibule is 14.2 square feet and the rear vestibule is 9.5 square feet, which can be used as a space to keep gears and other belongings. The poles are made up of aluminum which is very good to hold against storms.

The center height is 3 feet and 8 inches and the weight is 6 pounds and 13 ounces. There are vents on the top and the bottom for proper ventilation. The package includes; the main tent, stakes, poles, and guylines.

What did we like about the tent?

Tent can be converted into a 3-season tent from a 4-season just by removing the zipped side panel. It is a light tent, therefore best for weight-conscious people.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

It can be sometimes tough for three persons to fit inside the tent.

Buying guide

If you have somehow stuck to this point, then here’s the best snow tent buying guide for you.

In this section, we have compiled a list of features that you should look for in a snow tent. Snow tents are the same as 4-season tents. Check this list and buy the best snow tents.

Space and volume

This factor is decided on the basis of the number of people you are going with for camping. It will help you to look for a particular category of tents; 2, 3, 4 or 6 persons and further on. Snow tents are smaller in height than the conventional tents. Hence look for a snow tent with a decent amount of vestibule, space, and headroom.


If you have decided on the number of people, it is time to fix a budget. It will help you to save costs and get the best tent.


Selecting a material is a hassle, especially with so many new materials you can easily get confused. Properly do the research; you look for a snow tent with good waterproofing properties. Waterproofing is very much essential and expected from snow tents. Other than that check for poles, floor material, etc.


This is the final step; if you have now shortlisted some tents, and then also consider asking about it to the people who have used it. This gives a better idea.

Other points to keep in mind:

Weather protection

Final Thoughts

Snow tents aka 4-season tents are really good at waterproofing. Before buying one, you should check for its quality and if the price is justified. Hope you take some good knowledge from this review blog. Signing off.
Happy Camping!

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