The list of Best 7 Sleeping Pads for Hiking.

Top 7 Best Sleeping Pads

Last Updated on November 2, 2020

It is very important for hikers to take good sleeping pads for the hike to vent out all the tiredness. We tested 7 different types of sleeping pads from the best brands on the internet. We have considered a few different factors for choosing only the best sleeping mattress such as; comfort, durability, ease of use, strength, and price.

Comfort is obviously the prime factor to be considered for an excellent hiking experience. Sleeping Pads deliver that performance without any lack in comfort and reliability.

TOP 7 Sleeping Pads For Hiking

These top 7 sleeping pads have one same thing in common; comfort. Along with that we asked our testers to evaluate all of them on how easy it was to roll them, inflating and deflating them, the size of the carry bag etc. All this is done to ensure we present the best quality to you.

Read the blog further to find the list of best Sleeping pads in 2020.

WELLAX UltraThick FlexFoam Sleeping Pad

FlexFoam Sleeping Pad 1

Hikers need a comfortable sleep after a long day of. This sleeping pad from Wellax ensures that you get the best after a restless day. The price for a piece of this is $87.88 with only one color option available, that is, Green.

Testing it in a different simulated environment that you will experience while hiking, we found this pad to be the best one we have ever tested in years. The ultraflex memory foam maintains equal pressure across the curvature of the body. No matter what the orientation you are sleeping in.

The material used is a RipStop Nylon Fiber for extra durability. It is protection coated with one of the strongest camping material protectors which are 20D RipStop Nylon and TPU layer. This layer makes the fabric to be durable and non-sticky to the skin. The best part being, the pad is also water resistant, so you can keep it clean and dry in any situation.

The dimensions for this pad are 77*28*3 inches and it is perfect for cushiony effects and comfort. When packed, the size is only 27*8”. The pad is a self-inflating type, so you need no pump or breath to fill it. Just open the valves and you are done. It is ideal to be used in tents or even indoors. Make your hiking trip as comfortable as possible.

What did we like about the pad?

This sleeping pad is the most comfortable one we have tested so far. The 3” thick side is one of the reasons. Also, even if it is a waterproof pad, breathability is still present.

What we didn’t like about the pad?

Price is the biggest factor that can make you choose some other sleeping pad. Otherwise, it is the best of all.

Hikenture Double Sleeping Pad

Double Sleeping Pad

Hikenture Double Sleeping Pads are very light weight with a weight of only 3.4lbs. It is a thick 3.75 inches wide double sleeping bag which will give you the feeling of home even in the rocky and rough terrain. The price on this varies from $76.99 to $89.99 for three different sizes, while all of the sizes are available in only blue color.

The material used to make this sleeping pad is a high quality Polyester fabric which is PVC free. The medium size of the pad measures 78.7*47.5*3.75 inches. The two person camping pad weighs only 3.64lbs, while it’s packed size is 14*6 inches. You can easily carry these bags with your backpacks for hiking.

Package also includes a multifunctional storage bag which can be used as a pump also for inflation purposes. We really hoped that this was a self-inflating sleeping pad as many other cheaper options offer that feature. Apart from that we had no problem using this pad. It delivered great performance and durability. There are two valves on the mattress, one valve is used for inflating the mattress while the other one is used to deflate it. It took us well over 4 minutes to inflate the mattress fully.

This outdoor sleeping mat is also coated with TPU lamination for waterproofness and durability. It can be used for hiking, camping, travelling, car travelling etc.

What did we like about the Sleeping pad?

It is a durable outdoor sleeping mattress which can help you feel comfy and at home no matter what the situation. Also, the brand delivers great customer service and support.

What we didn’t like about the sleeping pad?

This sleeping pad is not a self-inflating type, which is not desirable as you can find a cheaper mattress with this feature.

Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad

Camping Sleeping Pads 1

If you are searching for a reliable, small and durable sleeping pad which is even small when packed, then this is the sleeping pad for you. It is just a 2” thick mattress which is just enough what you need to carry for a perfect hike. This mat pad has a decent amount of comfort and is extremely sturdy. The price for one of these is $39.95 and the weight is just 0.95lbs.

The dimensions are 75*23*2 inches which packs down into the size of a bottle. We found that this is not the most comfortable sleeping pad, but considering the size it does its job very well.

The material used is 20D RipStop tear resistant nylon fabric for heavy duty use. Fabric is so durable that you can keep it on any terrain and sleep. It will survive perfectly; as this 20 denier thickness is only used for the strongest camping equipment.

What did we like about the sleeping pad?

This is best for weight and space-conscious people such as hikers, backpackers and solo campers. It is very light weight and durable.

What we didn’t like about the sleeping pad?

This is a bit thin sleeping pad; we wished it was thicker for added comfort.

HiHiker Camping Sleeping Pad

UltralightCamping Sleeping Pad

This is an inflatable Sleeping Pad from HiHiker and one of the most affordable options that you can get on amazon. It is an inflatable sleeping pad which can fold down into a bottle sized packet. The price for one of these is $39.95 with six different color options available. Unfortunately, there are no options available for different sizes; there is only one size available.

Speaking of the size, the dimensions for sleeping pad are 75*23 inches; the manufacturer doesn’t provide any height size for the sleeping pad. But it is thick to provide the premium feel and cushiony effect. You can easily sleep while camping on the hard ground and you will feel at home. It is not advised to use it in cold regions and try not to puncture it with any sharp objects.

You can inflate it with a pump or by simply blowing air into the valve provided. The materials used are premium quality and won’t tear unless intentionally done. Manufacturer also provides lifetime warranty for any defects caused to the sleeping pad on the factory pads.

What did we like about the sleeping pad?

This is a very lightweight sleeping pad, which can be taken for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. It is best for weight-conscious backpackers and hikers.

What we didn’t like about the sleeping pad?

The brand doesn’t provide information regarding the full dimensions of the sleeping pad i.e. the height.

POWERLIX Sleeping Pad

Inflatable Sleeping Mat

This is another inflatable sleeping pad for hiking and camping. It features hexagonal air cells that provide best comfort and evenly divides pressure throughout your body. Buy this sleeping pad for rejuvenating sleep during cold nights while camping. The price for this pad is $37.95 and the brand offers five different color options.

The size of this particular mat is 74.8*22.8*2 inches which is enough considering that the weight is only 1.32lbs. When packed it only sizes around 4*11 inches, so that you can easily fit it inside your backpack. You can also fit it in your other items.

The materials used for construction of this is 75D nylon infused with 40D RipStop nylon TPU; it provides this mat extra durability and reliability. It will keep you warm in cold winters while also being 100% waterproofing. The package contains a Sleeping Pad, carry bag and 2 repair kits.

The carry bag can be double as an inflating bag and also a pillow if needed. This is the bag which provides the best usability and good for outdoor use.

What did we like about the sleeping pad?

It comes with a carry bag which can also be used as an inflating bag. This really helps in easing the complications.

What we didn’t like about the sleeping bag?

It is a thin mat; therefore the comfort level is not the best.

FRETREE Camping Air Sleeping Pad

Camping Air Sleeping Pad

It is the first sleeping pad on the list which packs every bare essential features that you need while camping or a hiking trip. Let’s start with the price, this sleeping bag will cost you around $29.9 and there are three color options available. Whereas, only one size is available, this can fit an average sized person.

The dimensions for this mat are 94.5*28.5*2.7 inches, and can hold weights up to 660lbs. The height of this sleeping pad is also the best in its segment. The material used for manufacturing is a heavy duty 40D nylon that provides best damp resistance and also keeps you insulated in winters from the cold.

The best part being that it comes with an inbuilt pump; you can inflate the pad just by using your foot in only around 30 seconds. There’s also a pillow attached to the mat, so you don’t need to carry it separately. The mat is also extendable.

What did we like about the sleeping pad?

Sleeping pad packs everything that you need in a small package; like a foot pump, pillow, durable material etc.

What we didn’t like about the sleeping pad?

Durability can be an issue.

AlphaBeing Camping Sleeping Pad

Pad for Backpacking

The brand has a simplistic approach towards the manufacturing of this sleeping pad. It has 2.5” air cushion support that is best for overall support to your body. There are 120 equal sized cells which inflate after pumping air inside. The price for this air mat starts from $27.99 on amazon and depending on the sellers the price varies.

There are no specifications provided by the brand on the dimensions facet but it is a chunky little mat, which can fit almost any sized person. The product has thick foam for maximum support for your back and other body parts.

Additionally, the mat also features a ripstop 20D nylon TPU fabric that delivers decent performance and durability. Other features such as Hexagonal air pockets, lifetime warranty, unique patent-pending design and deflation technology add more to the appeal of the product.

What did we like about the sleeping pad?

The pad is lightweight and durable with many additional features.

What we didn’t like about the sleeping pad?

It is a bit narrow mat, rolling out of the mat while sleeping can be a problem.

Buying Guide

We wish that our list helped to pick a good sleeping pad for hiking. But if you are still confused and want to explore a new range of products, then we have you covered.

Here we will talk about the factor to consider before buying a sleeping pad. Take a look.


The types of materials used in manufacturing the will heavily decide the durability of the sleeping pad. Try to research well before you pick a mat and buy it. 40D nylon is said to be the best fabric for construction, it is a good mix of toughness and price.


You are buying a sleeping mat probably because you want to save on some weight. Therefore, ideally look for mats between 1 to 1.5 lbs in weight. They are compact as well as light in weight.


Along with all other factors, consider looking for a pad with a decent amount of thickness. It is really helpful for a good sleep outdoors. Look for a sleeping pad of around 2.5 to 3 inches in thickness.

Inflation process

There are primarily two types of inflation processes; manual inflating and self-inflating. Manually, you can either use a pump or your mouth/breathe to fill air. While self-inflating types are more convenient as they fill up automatically.

Final Thoughts

This is the list of Top 7 Sleeping Pads for hiking and camping. We hope you were able to pick one of the mats for your use. These all mats are tried and tested for many factors discussed above. You can order the best match for yourself from the list above based on your budget.

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