best sleeping bags for hiking.

Top 7 Sleeping Bags for Hiking

Last Updated on November 1, 2020

Hikers and backpackers are really very conscious about the weight, as it directly affects their ability to hike longer. Well, but there are certain things that you can’t give up on. And one such thing is your sleeping bag. You can’t sleep if you are, anyhow, feeling cold during your hike.

Therefore, we have made a list for someone who is looking for great sleeping bags for hiking. This list contains our top 7 picks for the best sleeping bags for hiking in winters. Here, we considered a few factors while deciding all the brands in the list. These factors are; the type of sleeping bag, design, seasons, materials, durability, ease of use and much more.

top 7 sleeping bags for hiking

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TETON Sports LEEF Mummy Sleeping Bag

Mummy Sleeping Bag

This is our best pick for a light sleeping bag from the brand Teton and also amongst other competitor brands, weighing only 3.5lbs. This is the perfect bag for backpacking with other gear and is available from $62.10 to $87.62. The sleeping bag is available in two sizes viz. Scout and Adult. Both the variants b vary in terms of size. While both the variants also have +20°F and 0°F types.

As usual, the closure is a zipper type that keeps the warm air inside successfully. It will surely keep you warm in while on a cold hike. The material used is 40D water resistant RipStop nylon and lining is brushed polyester flannel. While the construction is a double-layer offset stitch that is really helpful for helping every spot equally warm.

Although it is a nylon fabric, it will not stick to your clothes or skin and no static charge formation would take place. The stuffing and fabric are as soft as possible for a really comfortable sleep in the outdoors. The hood is a mummy type that covers your head fully and holds your face for added warmth. The interior pocket, draft tube and anti-snag zippers add on to the usability of the bag.

What did we like about the sleeping bag?

We specifically loved the light weight of this sleeping bag and the fit. It doesn’t roll over no matter what.

What we didn’t like about the sleeping bag?

People with broad shoulders can find it hard to fit at the top part.

Coleman Mummy Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag for Adults

This is a mummy style adult sleeping bag which you can take to temperatures less than 0°F. This is the best sleeping bag for mountaineers and hikers who like to climb in colder climates. The price for this sleeping bag is $49.99 and there is only one color option available, which is Olive Green. The dimensions on this sleeping bag are 17.1×12.35×12 

The brand rates this bag for 10°F but we tested it for even lesser temperatures, and it handled well. It can easily accommodate a person of upto 6’2″ in height. The hood had a sculpted shape and drawstring which allows for holding the head comfortably. It also does the job of keeping the body and head warm in very harsh climates.

The material used is a waterproof polyester that is fully insulated. The bag also has a provision to unzip the bottom part of the night and is warmer than usual. Other features include quilted construction, insulated footbox, thermolock draft and heat retention system.

The bag also folds up into a small bag which you can carry around while hiking inside your backpack.

What did we like about the sleeping bag?

It is an affordable option that packs a lot of features of some premium sleeping bags. The anti role over technology is also very much helpful.

What we didn’t like about the sleeping bag?

Packing the bag is a bit of a hassle.

Kelty Cosmic Backpacking Sleeping Bag

Backpacking Sleeping Bag 1

This Cosmic sleeping bag from Kelty is the most premium option you can get in the segment. This one is also the most expensive option in the list with the price range of $99.95 to $116.05. There are two color options available namely; Dark shadow and Tapestry Blue with two size options. We specifically like the dark shadow variant.

Starting with the temperature rating, the bag can withstand temperatures as less as 20°F. A 6 feet 6 inch person/sleeper can easily fit inside this sleeping bag. This is also a really light weight bag weighing at only 3lbs. When packed, it is 16×9 inches in dimensions.

The integrated stuff sack makes it easier to stuff the bag and carry it along. While the insulation used is Cirroloft synthetic insulation which provides superior warmth during the night and even in damp conditions. Stuffing is even spread which does not allow the formation of cold spots.

The fit tailored to accommodate people of height between 5 feet 8 inches to 6 feet 6 inches. There is also a handy stash pocket provided to keep your stuff safe at night.

What did we like about the sleeping bag?

This is the bag for sleeping in cold and wet regions, the bag packs a lot of features which will help you get the best sleep possible at night.

What we didn’t like about the sleeping bag?

The bag is expensive and there are more affordable options available for the same functionality.

Naturehike Double Sleeping Bag for Backpacking

Double Sleeping Bag 1

Here comes the double sleeping bag for couple hikers. Crafted with the premium materials, this double sleeping bag is made from 210T polyester with 300g of M2 3D cotton fillings. The price for this bag is $59.9 with only one color option i.e. army green.

The outer material is for sure polyester but the inner side is softer and doesn’t stick to clothes and skin. At sides, you can find zippers with Velcro for secure covering and no fall offs and tight sleep. The temperature range provided by the manufacturer is between 8°C to 20°C. And yes, it also comes with two pillows for added comfort.

Talking about the weight, the bag only weighs around 2.8kg, which is not the best but considering the size, it is acceptable.

Best part being that, the bag has the upper and lower halves detachable. So, you can convert this one double sleeping bag into two different single sleeping bags. The dimensions are 87″×59″ inches and is more than enough for two persons.

What did we like about the sleeping bag?

The bag can be converted into two individual sleeping bags for more convenience. The temperature range is also decent while not being the best.

What we didn’t like about the sleeping bag?

There is no hood on the bag no matter what the configuration.


Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack

If you are looking for an affordable option without cutting on the practicality and functionality, then this may be the best option for you. It costs $34.99 with plenty of color options, i.e. four color options.

Talking about the dimensions; the bag is 32″×87″ inches which is spacious for almost everybody. 350T polyester with a coating shell is used to make the bag ultra soft. It is also waterproof and RipStop that means it does not rip even after a scratch or tear. The temperature rating on this one is between 35°F to 40°F, can also keep a sleeper warm in  freezing temperatures of 20°F. Compression sack is comfortable and skin friendly while also easy to clean.

The design adapted is a mummy type with the hood covering your face essentially everywhere. The bag only weighs 2.8kg and is compact so that you can carry it easily with yourself anywhere. Closure is also a zipper type, that is easy to set up and retains most of the heat inside. This can be used in both 3 and 4 seasons.

What did we like about the sleeping bag?

It is the best lightweight and affordable option available in the marketplace with almost every functionality.

What we didn’t like about the sleeping bag?

Waterproofing is not the best and needs improvement.

CANWAY Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag from the CANWAY can be your best companion for camping, hiking, traveling, and backpackers for adults and kids. The price for this bag is $29.9 with nine color options available.

The material used is  230T polyester and hollow cotton as filler. And therefore, the sleeping bag is comfortable and soft on skin. This material also makes it a waterproof sleeping bag and helps you get rid of the tiring day of hike. While the temperature range is 41°F – 59°F and designed to keep you cozy. Convenience is well thought of on the outer also as the zipper system is a double sided, for quick and easy closure and laying inside.

The dimensions are; 82.6″×31.5″ inches, this ensures easy movement inside the bag. Once the bag is packed, it measures 16.5″×10.23″ inches which is a compact size while it is a lightweight package.

The hood also features a drawstring with semicircle design. Also, there is a zipper at the bottom, so that you can free your feet on those warmer nights. While the velcro at sides ensures a snug fit and prevents zippers from opening.

What did we like about the sleeping bag?

It is a compact and lightweight design bag which will ease you to carry it around with yourself. There’s a lot of space available online too.

What we didn’t like about the sleeping bag?

The temperature range is not so impressive. You can’t take them to extreme cold climates.

Coolzon Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Backpacking Sleeping Bags

This is a 3-season sleeping bag from the brand which takes a simplistic yet practical approach towards designing the process of the product. The price for this sleeping bag is $20.99 with seven color options available.

Dimensions on this bag are 86.6″×30″, which is not the widest but manageable. The bag also includes a bag which is great for portability. We found that the design is not a mummy type therefore, it can happen that the bag rolls over. Also the weight is merely 3.0lbs. The bag is made with a 100% soft polyester fabric and hollow cotton is used as filters.

Every material used is decent and quite durable. We recommend you to use this sleeping bag for light use like travelling and short hiking trips. You can even use it in your home or for a countryside camping trip

What did we like about the sleeping bag?

The sleeping bag is light and versatile. You can use it for other purposes also apart from only hiking and camping.

What we didn’t like about the sleeping bag?

The bag is not great at waterproofing as well as containing the heat generated inside.

Buyer’s Guide

In this guide we show how to pick the right sleeping bag for hiking and even mountaineering. Without any creamy crap let’s jump straight into the guide. Take a look below.

So, there are some common factors for every sleeping bag that you should check before you pick one. And it goes like this.

Type of sleeping bag

There are three basic types of sleeping bags that you should choose depending on your need. They are; summer, winter and three-season sleeping bags. Summer bags are comfortable for temperatures more than 30F, while winter ones are good for below 20F and everything in between are three-season sleeping bags.

In our list we only focused on winter and three-season types of sleeping bags.

Insulation type

There are two types of insulations; down and synthetic. Both have their own pros and cons. Downs are generally more expensive than synthetic one but lighter and provide better heat retention.

Temperature Range

This part closely resembles the type of sleeping bags in terms of seasons but every seasonal bag has its own temperature. There is a range of temperature inside summer, winter and three-season sleeping bags. Look for the one which suits you best.

Shape of the sleeping bag

Fundamentally, there are three types of sleeping bags; Rectangular, Semi-rectangular and mummy type. Check for the sleeping bag according to your requirements.

Final Thoughts

There are many different types of sleeping bags, therefore you should try to look for the one which suits best for your requirements. We hope you like our selection of the top 7 sleeping bags and drew your final conclusion from our list.

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