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Top 7 Hiking Chairs

Last Updated on November 1, 2020

We know how important it is to get a proper amount of rest after a long day hike. Therefore, to add to your comfort level, we have listed our Top 7 picks for Best Hiking Chairs.

These chairs have been chosen based on many different factors and we have tested them for durability, comfort level, design, affordability and materials used. You can take our verdict on each chair as a solid point for selecting a chair.

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So, without further ado, let’s get started.

MARCHWAY Lightweight Folding Camping Chair

Camping Chair with Headrest

This ultra-light folding chair from Marchway is the pinnacle of want you can expect from a foldable hiking chair. This is the best hiking chair as it packs a perfect blend of everything. Their price for one of these chairs is $50.90 while there are four different color options available. The chair packs small but noticeable features which makes it perfect for rest after a day of long hike.

The materials used on the chair are polyester fabric, mesh and aluminum poles for frame. Polyester is a RipStop 1000D fabric and poles are aircraft grade corrosion resistance 7075 aluminum. While testing, we found the chair to be very much comfortable as the backrest of long enough to support your back fully.

There’s also a head rest with sponge sleeves at the top. Below the sleeve they have also provided a pillow for extra comfort. And as the poles are made from aluminum, they are sturdy and tough to keep you and chair sturdy on almost any surface.

The manufacturer suggests a maximum weight capacity for this chair to be 250 pounds. We love how wide the chair is yet so small. An average person can easily fit in the seat. Also, the package includes a bag for packing it in. The assembly process is also easy and fast.

What did we like about the chair?

The seat on this chair is deep for full support and the backrest of the best we have tested so far. The mesh included at places where sweat is prone to generate.

What we didn’t like about the chair?

Being a large chair it is a bit heavy. Therefore, if you can give up on the long back rest, then you can consider other chairs.

Cascade Mountain Tech Outdoor

Lightweight Camp Chair

This foldable hiking chair is compact and ultralight as well as durable for any camping and hiking trip. The price for this chair is $44.99 which is pretty much affordable for a foldable hiking chair. But there are only two color options available; black and green.

The design is somewhat similar to the Marchway lightweight folding chair, but differs in the way it is assembled. Materials used are 600D polyester and infused with a polyester mesh for breathability at back and sides.

We like how easy it is to set up this chair in any scenario or surrounding. While the chair weighs under 4lbs, it has a weight capacity of 250lbs. The chair very nicely fits into the case provided with the package.

Along with that the frame is made with light and rugged aluminum. To assemble, first insert the legs into the support connectors. Then place the legs on a flat surface and slide the fabric, i.e. headrest and seat. Slide the seat over the frame front. The length and width are 31″×16″which is enough for one hiker. The chair 16″ from the ground, helpful for leg support.

What did we like about the chair?

The chair is best for versatile use as you can go anywhere with this chair.

What we didn’t like about the chair?

The weight capacity could have been better.

MOON LENCE Backpacking Chair

Backpacking Chair Outdoor

This is a small chair best for solo or duet hikers. This hiking chair from Moon Lence is more durable than the competition. It will cost you $33.99 with two color options that are black and blue.

We specifically like the design as it is the most stable one on the list. The frame is square which is helpful in stabilizing the chair and the person sitting on it. The fabric is 600D Oxford cloth while the legs are made from 7075 aluminum alloy. Combined with the side pockets, it is the perfect chair for camping and other outings.

Additionally, both the mesh and the holders can be folded very easily and packed in a carry bag. This car carry bag is small enough to be packed with your other gear in the backpack. Along with that, the chair only weighs 2lbs and can withstand a load of 400lbs.

The comfort level of the chair is also very premium; we never felt any uneasiness while sitting in this for longer durations. Also you can easily store this chair anywhere.

What did we like about the chair?

Given how small these chairs look, they can handle a much more weight, actually 400lbs. We also like the design approach of the brand which is both good in looks and functional.

What we didn’t like about the chair?

A person with bigger entablature may find it difficult to fit into this chair.

G4Free Outdoor 2 Pack Camping Chair

Portable Camping Chair

This is the lightest long back chair on the list and also packs some decent features. Let’s talk about them one by one. The price for a pack of two $80.99 with four color options available. The whole package weighs around 5.6lbs in which you will get, two chairs with their respective carry bags.

The materials used are 900D Oxford polyester cloth with aircraft grade high strength 7075 aluminum alloy frame and legs. The legs also have rubber caps for grip over slippery surfaces. Combined, this configuration can hold upto 220lbs of weight in total.

Talking about the features, the backrest is extended for full support with a cushiony pillow at the upper part. This is very helpful for people with orthopedic problems.

The aluminum legs can be folded along with the fabric into a carry bag present inside the is package. Their chair also features some side pockets that can be used to keep small stuff.

What did we like about the chair?

The chairs are really ergonomic; the backrest is slightly inclined backwards for superior comfort and support.

What we didn’t like about the chair?

The chairs can’t handle a high load capacity, which is much needed.

Rock Cloud Ultralight Camping Chair

Folding Hiking Chairs

When going for hiking on long trails, you should ensure that you don’t sit on the bumpy or rough terrain. For that you should have a chair and that too a lightweight chair. This foldable hiking chair from the Rock Cloud is just what you need. It is a lightweight chair with strong frame and materials.

This chair folds up into a relatively small package measuring 14.6×5.1×5.1 inches. Therefore you can easily carry it with yourself on a hike or even camping. The materials used are 900D Oxford seat fabric with reinforced stitching that can be machine washed. The frame is made from high quality aluminum alloy 7075.

The whole package weighs around 1.98 lbs with a load capacity of 265lbs. The chair sits low to the ground which is ergonomic and comfortable.

We liked the whole package which comes with the chair and would recommend it to someone who is a weight conscious hiker.

What did we like about the chair?

The chair is very light along with durable. We could easily fit it inside a 50 lit backpack.

What we didn’t like about the chair?

The chair is really low to the ground which can be uncomfortable at times.

Sportneer Camping Backpacking Chair

hiking Backpacking Chair

This hiking chair is made from premium materials for the convenience that you need on the go. The price for this lightweight hiking chair is $32.98 with only one color option available. The quality is acceptable and not too bad.

This is a chair specifically built for relaxing and taking a look at the scenery. It is inclined backwards than usual for comfort and total back support. The height of the chair from the ground is 13″ while the back height is 26″. It is suitable for people with back problems it aches.

The materials are tough and durable with +60D polyester fabric and aluminum frame. It can withstand a load of 350lbs while only being 2lbs in weight. On top of that, you can fold this chair into a small pack of 14.25″×5.25″ into a carry bag which is much desirable for backpackers, hikers and mountaineers.

We also liked the setup process which is very easy and intuitive. It is very easy to carry for outdoor activity.

What did we like about the chair?

The chair is durable and light with a very unique design which supports your back while also being low to the ground.

What we didn’t like about the chair?

The chair is fully made from mesh material, therefore, we suspect it won’t last longer.

MARCHWAY Ultralight Folding Camping Chair

Folding Hiking Chair

This is another ultra-lightweight, small foldable camping chair from Marchway on the list. You can buy one of these chairs for $28.04 in one of the weight color options available. Ideally made for hikers, you can also use them for camping, traveling, picnic, festivals etc.

The materials are nylon and aluminum alloy. The aluminum is used to make the frame while the seat and backrest is made from nylon mesh and fabric. It had a stock cord structure for the easiest set up and fold down. When folded, the chair only weighs around 2 pounds. Also the nylon used in the chair is a RipStop type for extra durability.

As the seat is inclined backwards, you won’t find it difficult to get a good nap on one of these. These are really very comfortable chairs.

What did we like about the chair?

The chair is lightweight and versatile which adds to its functionality and practicality.

What we didn’t like about the chair?

The chair is inclined backward more than usual; therefore it can be tough at times to sit in one.

Buying Guide

After a hectic and day-long hike on uneven trails, you need to have a comfortable place to rest. But to have that much needy rest, you need to have the best hiking chair. It will help you to rest your weight in the middle of nowhere.

So, there are lots of options available in the marketplace. Therefore, we have listed the final factors you should follow while buying a hiking chair for backpacking.

Consider these factors:


The bigger the chair, the better. Low chairs are comfortable, but not good for long periods of sitting. It is also good for heavier people with big butts. Along with that, you should also look for a size that you can carry with yourself in your backpack.


There are many different types of hiking chairs, which include; two legged, three legged, glider, rocker etc. All these chairs have their own specialties and advantages over others. Here also, try to go for an optimum size which you can fit inside your backpack.


This factor decides for which purpose you need the chair. It can be for hiking, camping, fishing, and much more. Other than that, weight, type of comfort and even the pack size can decide your end use.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, a rightly chosen hiking chair will pay you off in your trips. We hope you have our verdicts on different hiking chairs and help you to narrow down your choice. And we hope you choose the best hiking chair.

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