The list of 7 best Eureka! tents.

7 Best Eureka Tents

Last Updated on October 26, 2020

You can easily tell it’s a Eureka! made a tent just by looking at the design. These tents stand out in the herd and have a very distinct design which solves many problems while being suitable for almost anyone. Read our verdict on the best Eureka tents. The brand offers a wide range of variety in tents; from 2-person to 12-person to even single person.

The Eureka! the brand was first established in 1895, and since then they are providing the best premium tents for outdoor adventures. They build the tents to be refreshing and usable every time you take them out of the backpack. All of the tents somehow have a similarity yet they all are different design-wise; a perk not all manufacturers can achieve.

7 Best Eureka Tents

For campers and hikers like us, it is very important to take a good quality tent out for the ventures. That quality trust is promised by Eureka’s new tents.

So here we are, at Gones Camping, with our list of the 7 best Eureka tents in the business. We have tested each tent carefully for many different parameters. Read our verdicts and get the best while you can.

Eureka! Alpenlite XT Two-Person Tent

Four Season Backpacking Tent

Amongst the many Eureka tents, Alpenlite XT is well known for its storm handling capabilities. This is a very light tent which is ideal for 2 hikers only. And for that reason we tested these tents first.

The price for one of these tents is $399; quite expensive for a 2-person tent but it is very durable and you can take it anywhere. Therefore, we tested this tent in snow areas with some other tents. And it was on the pinnacle of everything. Best rain and snow resistant, good additional features and the best quality with design.

The six-pole frame handled the tent against the forceful winds very well. Although it is a free-standing tent, you have to tie it down for better stability. The rainfly on this can keep the rain as well as snow from seeping into the tent. Poles are made from 9.5 mm 7001-T6 aluminum which are also shock-corded. Talking about the added features, we found two flashlight loops, six pockets and two gear-lofts.

The dimensions are as follows: 7.6*4.6*3.4 feet. The height of this Eureka! tent is really low, which can be tough at times but as the tent handles all the 4-seasons well, less height can be overlooked. The package you buy will include a tent body, rainfly, 6 poles, stakes and guylines. With all this the pack only weighs 8.92 pounds.

What did we like about the tent?

We loved the fact that they have made this tent so light, it is very helpful while on a hike, as it saves a lot of weight and space. This is the true tent which can easily do 4-seasoning without putting you in a hassle. Apart from that it is easy to set up the tent; very needed.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

The height of the tent is quite less, this area needs improvement.

Best for: Mountaineers

Eureka! Tetragon HD Series

Waterproof Camping Tent

The Tetragon HD is the most affordable tent from the brand. This 3-season tent is available for $129.59 and there is only one color available; cement/java. The capacity of the tent varies depending on the model you go for, there are 5 sizes available; 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8 persons. And it can easily handle 3-seasons very easily.

We noticed that the brand has cut the price by compensating on the poles as they are made up of fiberglass. Aluminum poles are better for durability and reliability. Apart from that it is a freestanding tent with dome architecture; therefore it was easily able to handle the rain and other seasons (except winters). The frame consists of clips and pins for fast and really easy setup. There is also a D-shaped door with a window integrated in it. This ensures ventilation, while the door is big enough for easy ins and outs.

The construction is full seam-taped and there is a bathtub floor. For ventilation, mesh roof is present and to cover the tent in case of rain, rainfly is also present which unfortunately only extends to half i.e. it only covers half of the tent’s walls. Which is not that great for waterproofing, but the wall material itself can handle light rain showers as it is made from 63D 190T Polyester with 1500mm waterproofing HH. There are also two storage pockets and a gear loft. With all this, it is 4 feet and 4 inches tall at the center.

What did we like about the tent?

It is the most affordable option from the brand you can get. It is great for family campers who want to save weight as it only weighs around 6.5 pounds for the 3 person version and 19.5 pound for 8 person version.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

The rainfly doesn’t fully cover the tent’s walls.

Best for: Country-side camping

Eureka! Space Camp 6 Person Camping Tent

3 Season Camping Tent

The Space Camp offers good space unlike any other Eureka tent on the list. And therefore it has a price of $449. This three season tent is only available in one color i.e. white. Having a large footprint with decent headroom, this tent has the comfort level that no other tent could provide.

The dimensions are; 10*8.4*6.4 feet, larger than an average tent. The packing size is 10*25 inches and weighs around 16.1 pounds. It comes equipped with Eureka’s Air Exchange System; the vents are placed on the top as well as the bottom, which allows for better control over the air flow in the tent. There are two large doors for easy commuting and the vestibule area adds more space for gear and comfort. Brand claims that it can last any storm and it is true as we tested it on a stormy day. Poles are aluminum.

The fly and floor are made from 68D 185T polyester taffeta with a waterproof rating of 1500 and 1800 mm coating respectively. There are pockets, gear loft and hooks present inside of the tent for better space management.

What did we like about the tent?

The quality of the tent feels very and provides much of functionality. There is plenty of room, and the vestibule adds to the comfort. The materials used were great and durable.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

There are options available with the same features and less price tag.

Best for: Big Families and camping with friends

Eureka! Copper Canyon LX, 12 Person Camping Tent

12 Person Camping Tent

This updated version of the tent for 2020 is the largest of all the Eureka tents on the list. It is a 3-season tent which fits up to 12 persons. It is a true home away from home. This tent is priced at $519.

The floor size on this tent is 14*12 square feet and the height is 7 feet. It is the most spacious tent offered by the brand. 2 persons can easily pitch it in two minutes thanks to the quick clips and corner hubs. The poles are made of two materials jammed together, steel and fiberglass.

As it is a cabin type tent, the walls are steep and make enough room for a person to stand inside easily. Talking about the doors, there are two doors, one at the front and one at the back. The mesh windows have a waterproof screen which can be folded as per requirement. This also ensures very good ventilation. The fly covers offer good rain water proofing. The materials are durable and reliable.

What did we like about the tent?

The tent is large and roomy while the materials used are great at durability. There is a divider inside which can be used to convert this into a two-room tent.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

The rainfly doesn’t cover the tent walls fully.

Best for: Many people involved

Eureka! Timberline SQ 4XT Backpacking Tent

3 Season Tent

Timberline SQ 4Xt is probably the best Eureka has to offer. Being a 4 person tent it has almost everything hikers or campers search for. This 3-season backpacking tent is available for $329 and packs in the most rugged/durable. It is only available in a one color i.e. green color.

The A-frame style helps it to be spacious from inside and also being lighter. The poles are made out of DAC DA17 aluminum alloy, hence making the tent independently durable. The rainfly can cover the tent fully while there is a unique feature i.e. the rainfly extends further to the front of the tent to make room for a floor-less 15.2 square feet area doubling as a vestibule. This vestibule is half open and can be used for cooking, placing wet gears etc. The tent also comes with two vents placed at the top and bottom; this ensures a proper flow of air inside the tent and exchange of fresh air.

Although the frame is A-type, there are two D-shaped doors for easy in and out. The height is 4 feet and 9 inches, which can be packed in to a space of 7*26 inches while being only 13 ounces in weight. The pack includes a tent body, rainfly, stakes, poles and guylines.

What did we like about the tent?

Tent is very lightweight and reliable. It can easily handle the 3-seasons that the brand claims. We very much liked the rainfly which also has an integrated vestibule. The A-frame is sturdy and is made up of premium materials.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

Again, the height of the tent could be more, considering size and that it is made to fit 4 persons.

Best for: Small Families

Eureka! Mountain Pass 3 Person, 4 Season Backpacking Tent

Mountain Pass 3 Person 1

This is another 3 person Eureka tent from the brand which is great for mountaineers and hikers. It is a 4-season tent with 45 square feet of area. The price starts at $369 which is affordable considering the value that it provides.

This tent is a convertible 3-season to 4-season tent, i.e. it has zippered doors that can be removed fully. It holds very good against the snow and storms and high wind speeds as well. Rainfly covers the tent fully in case of rain or snow. The rainfly extends such that it creates two vestibules at front and the rear. The front vestibule is 14.2 square foot and 9.5 square foot rear; these can be used to store gears and other belongings.

As the side panels are removable, it provides great ventilation. The interior height is 3 feet and 8 inches while it weighs 6 pounds and 13 ounces. The package includes; the tent, stakes, guylines, and poles. Also, the poles are all aluminum construction.

What did we like about the tent?

It is a versatile tent best for all the seasons. We also like the two integrated vestibule.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

The tent is a little less wide, so it is not easy for three persons to fit in.

Best for: Snowy regions and Mountaineering

Eureka! Solitaire AL Backpacking Tent

Camping and Backpacking Tent

We recommend this $109 1-person tent over all the others; it being the most durable for 3-seasoning. It only comes in one color i.e. green and especially known for being spacious from inside. This is the awesome value for someone who is trying to minimize the backpack weight while going on a hike.

Some of features are: it is a bivy style tent made for sleeping. Although it seems small from the outside, the tent is very much spacious for one person from the inside, the materials used on the walls are a mesh type for ventilation and keep you breathing easily. Poles present on this tent are made from rugged and strong 7000 series aluminum.

The setup is easy as only two tents are involved which easily slip into the sleeves for fast installation. The fly is integrated on the tent; it can be rolled-back for stargazing and covered while a rain storm. 68D 185T polyester taffeta is used to make the rainfly and the floor. Also the floor is a bathtub type floor for maximum waterproofing.

The 21.5 square foot of interior space is very much livable for one person. The height is around 28” and the weight is 2 lbs and 10 oz. This weight does not include the stakes.

What did we like about the tent?

It is the most affordable option for weight-conscious hikers. A perfect balance between the quality and price, we would recommend it for every hiker.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

It could have been cheaper.

Best for: Solo Hikers

Buying Guide

The first that pops on someone’s mind while buying a tent is; what to look for in the tent?

Well, we are here for your rescue. This section contains a list of all the features you should look for when buying a tent.

Let’s get started!


This should be your first priority; it will help you to look into a particular category of tents. Decide it based on the number of people you are going camping with.


Once you have decided the volume of your potential tent, look for affordable options and shortlist some of them.


Once you have shortlisted some of the tents, look for the one with the best materials and filter down your list even further.


Consider reading some good reviews of the product and then buy the tent.

Other than these points, you should also look for other features such as;
· Weight
· Construction
· Dimensions
· Design
· Weather protection
· Durability

Final Thoughts

Eureka! is a very old brand with an established customer base. Here we tried to present to you the best tents from the brand. We recommend you to do a fair research before buying one of the tents.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1. Are Eureka tents good quality tents?
Yes, Eureka! is a well-established brand with over 120 years of experience. They have some of the best tents in the world.

Q2. Are Eureka tents waterproof?
Yes, every Eureka tent is a waterproof tent and available in a 3- season or 4-season tent.

Q3. What are Eureka tents made of?
Eureka! are made of different grades of polyester. The floor is made more durable than the walls while poles can be fiberglass or aluminum or even steel.

Q4. How to set up a Eureka tent?
Every Eureka! the tent has its own mechanism of setup. This setup varies depending on the model. You can read this blog for more information.

Q5. What is a tent footprint used for?
The footprint of a tent is designed for preventing the floor of the tent from wear and tear. It is used for scratch resistance.

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