The Review of 7 best dome Tents.

Top 7 Best Dome Tents

Last Updated on October 27, 2020

Dome tents are an awesome choice for hikers and campers as they are light-weight, waterproof, and easy to pack; a great option for backpacking. These tents are perfect to protect you from chilly winds, rain, snow, etc. when you are outing in the middle of nowhere. This is the reason why dome tents are so popular.

Camping is the most blissful experience you can ever experience. It basically involves going in the wild, away from the tumult of the concrete forests, and soaking in the beauty of nature. But it is not easy to just go there without any preparation. You have to look at many different things like; shelter, food, camping checklist, etc.


With our top picks for dome tents, you don’t have to worry about the shelter, the part of the hike, or camp. We got you covered there. We have listed the top 7 dome tents that are perfect for camping anywhere in the world. You can take our verdict as an assurance that these tents will fit perfectly for your purpose.

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But first, check out this review. Read the list below for more information on our top picks for top 7 dome tents.

Toogh 3-4 Person Camping Tent

Camping Tent Backpacking 1

Known for its toughness and ruggedness, this tent is the best in the list in terms of everything. It is affordable, spacious, durable, waterproof and lightweight. It can be the best tent for hikers and campers. The price starts from $99 with 4 different color options available. This is the best value for money in a tent.

Speaking of the features; there are many. The tent walls are made from 210D Oxford fabric coated with silicone for extra waterproofing. The floor is made from 210T polyester with waterproofing level of 10000mm. Walls are waterproof up to the level of 3000 mm. Best part being that it only takes 60 seconds to erect the tent; simply lift the top of the tent and it will automatically install. Press the pole with yellow labels and the tent folds automatically.

There are two doors on the tent which ensures a proper ventilation and easy access. These doors also have mosquito nets which are really helpful to keep the mosquitoes out and fresh air in. We also found that it is a very stable tent that can hold a great amount of wind force.

What did we like about the tent?

The tent really lives up to the mark of waterproofing as claimed by the manufacturer. There are also many color options available. Setup is very easy and may be the fun part.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

The brand says it as a 4 person tent, whereas it is for 2 adults and 2 kids.

Coleman Sundome Tent

Sundome Tent 1

This tent from a trusted brand comes in 4 different sizes; varies from 2 persons to up to 6 persons. It starts from around $64 and goes up to $220 for all the different sizes. You can easily find one of these on any online store or simply amazon. The brand offers it in two colors, which are green and navy blue. We tested this tent for almost all the weather conditions, here’s our verdict.

Starting with the key features; it is a small tent and being a dome tent makes it less livable. The height of the tent is 6 feet while the length and width vary depending on the size to go for. But you can easily fit it in your backpack. That’s a major point. The material used is polyester taffeta 75 Denier flysheet which is, as the brand says, is very good protection against the rain. Well, that’s a place where it’s a big letdown.

The tent is not as waterproof as shown by the brand in the ads. The rain fly doesn’t extend fully down on all sides, therefore the tent struggles when things get wet. Otherwise the tent is a great option; the ventilation is to the point, materials are strong enough, and it can fit the mentioned number of people easily.

What did we like about the tent?

The tent is very much ventilated and the materials used are premium quality (considering it’s a budget tent). We also loved the fact that they provide the same product in different sizes. It can fit the proposed number of people very easily.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

With most of the budget friendly tents, the biggest setback is the amount of storage provided. It is on the lower side apart from that the tent is not so good at water proofing.

TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent

1 4 Person Backpacking Tent

With lots of customization and color options available, this tent is the best for those who want to star-gaze the night sky. The tent starts from $139 with many options to choose from. These tents are available from 1 person to 4 person tents. The mountain ultra-tent is made out of micro-mesh for ventilation and of course, gazing the milky-way.

The construction is pretty straight forward; micro-mesh is used for walls while the floor is a bathtub type made out of a waterproof material. On the inside, the tent has two large pockets and removable attics. The seam and corners are reinforced with heat shrinks/tapes for better waterproofing. The biggest advantage is that the poles are made from the aluminum. The single person tent features a single vestibule while the two-person design has a double vestibule. The rain fly rests nearly 2-3 inches away from the inner tent wall.

This is a true 4 season tent which comes at a very affordable price. The set up procedure is also a one person job which is great for solo travellers. And the rain covers the whole tent making it waterproof in any situation.

What did we like about this tent?

It comes in a variety of colors and sizes and is very much affordable. We especially like the rain fly which extends to the very bottom of the tent. The floor is a bathtub type that can hold water outside very easily.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

This is on a heavier side compared to its direct competitors. It is not desirable for longer trips.

Naturehike Cloud-Up Lightweight Backpacking Tent

3 Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent

This freestanding tent is probably the best when we talk about the design. The tent starts from $165 and is available in seven different colors options. It is the best option out there for camping with 2 or 3 persons. Downside is that it is only available as a 3-season tent.

Starting with the size and weight, the Naturehike Cloud-up is just big to accommodate 2 people. The weight is around 1.56 kg including the footprint. The tent is not for people over 6’2 as they would find it difficult to maneuver inside. Setup procedure only takes 2 to 3 minutes which is doable by just one person. Apart from that the tent is very durable, it is made out of 20D which is nylon coated. The tent fly covers the tent fully and transforms it into an igloo.

Poles and pegs are the parts which makes it a sturdy and durable tent. They are all made of aluminum which can keep up even when usage is heavy. The package includes a tent bag and guy ropes for securing if needed.

What we like about the tent?

The tent’s design is best in the category, along with that it also serves the purpose very efficiently. The rainfly does its job greatly and helps in keeping the tent dry. Aluminum poles increase the durability significantly.

What we didn’t like about this tent?

Even though it is a good tent, it is only suitable for 3-season and not for the snowy areas.

CORE 6 Person Dome Tent

6 Person Dome Tent

It is the biggest tent in the list. Ideal for family camping or where more number of people are involved. This tent starts from around $129.99 which is very affordable considering the number of people it can fit in. There’s only one color available from the brand. While it is a 4 season tent, we would not recommend you to do that, as it cannot survive the winds.

The material used can be better, like the poles are all fiberglass. The walls are made from double-coated 68 denier polyester. It is a superior quality of material which does not sag very easily and really good at repelling water. The lower part of the tent is made from the same material. Although the walls do a really good job at waterproofing, the rain extends the usability further. There are vents on the lower sides of the walls which help in ventilation.

The door is a D-shaped panel with a double layer of waterproof and mesh. It also has a window on it. Other small but noticeable features are port for electric wire, gear loft and ceiling hook for hanging lanterns help in increasing the versatility of the tent.

What did we like about the tent?

The tent is big with 9*11 feet which is useful for big families. It is a really good tent when it comes to waterproofing.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

The materials used for poles need improvement. It can drastically increase the life of the tent.

MOON LENCE Camping Tent

Camping Tent 1 and 2 Person

This is a tent which should have been higher on the list, but because it can fit only 2 people, it made its way to the bottom. This is available for $75.99 with three color options; blue, grey and orange. This tent is best for someone who is going for solo camping.

It is a small tent with 47.2’’ of internal height, which is really small. But this also makes it very capable at handling the strong winds and rain. The materials used are 190T PU polyester providing 2000mm of water resistance and an excellent UV protection. As reviewed by us and many other people, this tent is durable in every climate and can handle almost every situation very easily. The floor size is merely 55.1’’*86.6’’.

The construction is largely mesh type which is helpful in ventilation and keeping the weight less. There are two D shaped doors for easy access. They are zipper type. Inside the package you can find 11 alloy pegs, 4 guy ropes and a rain fly which can fully cover the tent.

What we like about the tent?

It is the perfect tent for solo-campers. Tent is very light in weight and the setup time is very less.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

Even for one person, it is a very small tent with a height of only 47.2’’.

Buying guide for a Dome tent

With our list, you now know which tent to look for and how each of them are in terms of price, materials used, weight etc. But you must be confused about what to look for in a dome tent.

In this section, we have created a guide for you to make things easier for you while buying a dome tent. Still not sure what to look for? Read further to find the best dome tent.

When buying a tent you should keep in mind these four simple points:
· Weight
· Size
· Design
· Materials used


Ideally, look for a light in weight tent, it will be easier for you to carry it around on a hike. Lightweight naturally means that the tent will take less time to set up. Try to go for single skin tents; they are light in weight and better at ventilation.


The size is directly proportional to the number of people going for camping. We are talking about solo-camping, family camping trips, etc. Preferably look for a tent with space of one person in spare. This is for keeping the gear instead of an actual person sleeping (specific to dome tents).


Some people may skip on this part, but it is most important if you are looking for ease of functionality. Look for tents which have two doors, it will help make it easy to move in and out of the tent. Other types of tents are pop-up tents, they are easy to set up while others can take 10 minutes or more.

Materials Used

No matter how good looking your tent is. If the materials can’t hold up against a strong blow of wind, the tent is not worth buying. Look for waterproof PU coated polyester, they provide much resistant to rain and are great at waterproofing.


Finding a perfect dome tent for you is not an easy task, but if done in a proper manner keeping some point in mind you can find the best dome tent.

Hope that you must have taken something from our top 7 picks of dome tents. We have tried to give all the knowledge we have through this article. Be sure to check our article on camping.

Best of luck for the camping ventures.

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