This is the list of the 7 best Army tents for camping.

Best Army Tents for Camping

Last Updated on October 27, 2020

Back in the day, when there were very little synthetic materials used for making tents. Army tents made of canvas were the most durable. These tents were exclusively used by the armies and soldiers for shelters. ‘Army tents used for camping’ was not a popular hobby.

But today with the introduction of synthetic materials like polyester, tents have evolved significantly. The line between an army tent and other tents has blurred. The army tents are known for durability and heavy-duty usage, and simultaneously more conventional tents have also evolved into being more durable and rugged. These tents can handle almost any situation they are put in. The army still uses easily available canvas material for tents, which has its pros and cons.

Top 7 Army Tents for Camping

We have listed our top picks of army tents. These tents do not use conventional canvas; instead, they are made from synthetic materials. And because they are more durable, they are suitable for use by the army. Conventional tents also have more focus on comfort and added features. The first few tents are the modern versions of the top Army Tents for Camping, while the last two tents have a more military look to them.

Let’s get started now.

Guide Gear Deluxe Teepee Tent, 14′ x 14′

Deluxe Teepee Tent

Deluxe Tepee tent from guide gear is a large tent intended to fit 10 persons inside (maximum). This roomy tent has a look of a traditional tent while having plenty of modern features. The buying price for this tent is $239.99 and it is available in green color. This is the ideal tent for soldiers and family campers. There’s lots of headroom inside the tent.

The dimensions of the tent are; a footprint of 14*14 feet while the center height is 9 feet. This is quite a large tent in every aspect therefore it is of course not a backpacking tent, but best for family campers. Being such a huge tent, the package weight is 26.6 lbs including the steel pole and other accessories. There is also a large vestibule provided by the manufacturer which is large enough to accommodate all the gear and things.

The materials used are of reasonable quality considering the size and the price. The shell is made from the 190-denier polyester which is coated with 1,200 mm polyurethane waterproof coating. As the tent is very large in dimensions, there is no need for a rainfly; the material can withstand almost any weather condition. It can withstand wind speeds of up to 40 mph easily while also being waterproof. The floor is a sewn-in polyethylene. Talking about the ventilation, windows are present around the tent with waterproof vents on the top of the tent and at the bottom. And as it is a large tent, the ventilation is really good.

What did we like about this tent?

The fact that it is such a huge tent has drawn us immensely. Military tents are made to accommodate many people at once. This tent does the job very easily and the brand has used premium materials to build this. It can also be used as a Family Camping Tent.

What we did like about this tent?

The mere fact that it is roomy is one of its biggest setbacks. It is really tough to carry it along in a backpack.

Best for: Family Camping to the countryside.

Snugpak Cave 4 Person Tent

4 Person Tent Waterproof

It is a dome tent made to accommodate 3 to 4 people. The Cave 4, as the name suggests, is a tent-shaped like a cave which is a 4-season military tent. Unlike the previous tent, it is a compact tent and is perfect for backpacking. This tent is starting from $609.99 and is available in olive green color.

The height is 4 feet 1 inch and 7.25*7 feet in floor size. So it is spacious enough to fit 4 people easily or 2-3 people with gear. As it is a good option for backpackers, this military tent only weighs around 9.44 lbs when packed. There are two doors present on the tent for easy ins and outs.

The materials used for construction are of very high quality. Poles are made from NSL anodized aluminum poles that are light and also don’t take much space inside the pack. The inner material is 50D polyester for the tent walls is breathable enough to keep the inside ventilated. While the pack comes with a flysheet which is really good at waterproofing; it is made from 210T polyester RipStop with a polyurethane coating of 5000 mm waterproofing. Talking of windows, there are 4 windows (2 on each side); good for ventilation.

The package includes; 25 stakes, a repair tool kit, main tent body, flysheet, guylines, etc.

What did we like about the tent?

This is a compact tent, which allows the hikers and mountaineers to pack it easily with other gears. The construction is also very robust and rugged.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

We found that the tent is very pricy given its functionality and usability.

Best for: Survivalists

ORC US Army Issue Universal Improved Combat Shelter Tent

Combat Shelter Tent

This combat shelter tent is the official tent used by the US army for a 1-person tent. This tent is a genuine option for those who want to use what the army uses. It is specifically developed for soldiers and available for the general public. The price tag on one of these is $299 and is available in only 1 color which is camouflage green.

The dimensions are not big but being a 1-person tent and an army tent it needs to keep its profile low. Therefore built as low as possible; height is only 32.5 inches while length and width are 96*40.5 inches respectively. It is a packable tent so weighs only around 6.5lbs; best for solo campers and hikers.

Being a 4-season tent, the materials are really good like the blackout rainfly is a flame-retardant and tapped-seamed ripstop nylon material. The tent is held with the help of X-shaped aluminum poles. On the front, there is a door, which is best for ventilation. Other parts of the walls have a rubber lining at the inside for blocking out the light coming from outside. It also helps in waterproofing.

The package consists of the main body, rainfly with integrated tent vestibule, 3 aluminum poles, 2 guylines, and 7 stakes.

What did we like about the tent?

This is the tent used by the US Army. It is a really durable tent which can handle any weather condition.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

For conventional hikers or campers, the height of the tent can be a big problem.

Best for: Extensive Use in any condition.

Camppal Tent for Camping

Backpacking Army Tents

This is the tent which is a hiking tent but because of its built quality ad ruggedness, we have counted it as a good military tent also. This tent, like the previous one, it can fit in 4 persons and is backpack-able. It starts around $139.99 and available in 4 different color options. This can also be a cheaper option for the previous tent.

6.9*5.9*4.3 feet is the standard dimension for this tent. These are dimensions that are good for 4 persons to live in. therefore it is a very famous option for space-conscious backpackers. The tent is also very light in weight, it is only 7.1 lbs. the brand provides aluminum poles for the best durability and longevity of the tent. Also, the poles are 8.5 mm in diameter. The dome shape of the tent allows it to stands against the strongest winds and rains.

The materials are even better. The walls are no-see-um poly mesh and the rainfly is made from 210T polyester coated with 3500 mm waterproof polyurethane coating. The floor is the biggest jump, it is a 300D 4000mm water-resistant and fire retardant material. Both the flysheet and the floor are fire retardants; which is good for an extra layer of protection.

This is a 4 season tent, which designed to withstand any condition. It features a large porch area that can be used for many different purposes. We liked cooking there. On the ventilation front, it is a slow runner. There are not many windows on the tent, although the material is a mesh type, it is not good at doing its job.

What did we like about the tent?

It is a very affordable option for hikers, campers, and even soldiers. This is a lightweight tent, which is very easy to pitch.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

The tent is not good at ventilation. In hot weather, ventilation plays a major role in keeping the inside of the tent cool.

Best for: 3-4 Person Backcountry camping.

GEERTOP Portable Lightweight 1 Person Tent Waterproof

1 Person Tent

This portable tent from Geertop is another single person military tent on the list. Again, this is a cheaper option for the more expensive previous option. This tent started from around $86 (which is very affordable) and available in one color that is camouflage. This 4-season tent is a bivy style made tent, particularly for camping enthusiasts.

The dimension is; 84*39*36 inches and is ample for 1 person. The packing size is even less that is 17*4*4 inches. It is a delight for weight-conscious backpackers as it only weighs 3.3 lbs. The closure is a zipper-type while the walls are made from a mesh material which is best for ventilation. This bivy-style military tent is a double layer tent made i.e. the package also includes a rainfly for protection against rain or water. Flysheet covers the entire tent, this flysheet is made from polyester of PU 5000 mm water resistance. Also, the seams are double stitched for extra protection against rainwater.

There are two ventilation windows present for ventilation. The rainfly also integrates two vestibules for luggage and gear. The walls are made from 210T ripstop 2500mm polyester fabric while are poles are aluminum construction ensuring durability. The fabric also provides protection against UV rays of the sun.

What did we like about the tent?

This is the best affordable option for solo campers. It is cheap, durable, easy to use, and reliable. You take it anywhere with you.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

The floor is not best for waterproofing.

Best for: Solo Hikers/Mountaineers

Stansport Scout 2 person Backpack and Camping Tent

Backpack and Camping Tent

The brand has the simplest approach towards the design. It is a simple A-shaped tent for 3-seasoning which can accommodate 2 people. It is included in the list for obvious reasons; ease of use and design language of a military tent. This is also the cheapest option on the list with a price tag of only $30.99. Color options include green and orange.

It is a tiny tent but uses the space very efficiently. The dimensions are; 6.2*4.2*3 feet which are just right for two persons to fit. It weighs at 3.8 lbs with a floor area of 29 square feet in total. The walls are made from No-see-um mesh and coated with 8000 mm rated waterproofing. The A-frame design is proven for ages for protection against water. Interesting thing is that the poles are made from steel, which is rare at this price point.

We didn’t find any rainfly for protection from the water but walls can hold water and they are flame retardant. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it in regions with heavy rainfalls. Also, the package includes ropes, stakes, a main tent body, and 2 steel poles.

What did we like about the tent?

The tent is really easy to carry and pitch. Materials are also quite good and overall built quality is better than any other tent in this price segment.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

There is no rainfly included in the package, you have to buy it separately. Also, it is not a roomy tent given the fact there is an A-frame structure.

Best for: Camping in woods

Surplus French Military F1 Tent, 2 Person

Military F1 Tent

This is also an A-frame type military tent that can be used by hikers and campers. In fact, this tent is used by the French military even today for 2-person use. The price for this is $69.9 and available in two colors i.e. olive green and sand. It is ideal for mountaineers and adventurers.

The dimensions are 80*56*39 inches and weigh at 8.2lbs. You can easily stow the tent package in the backpack or small spaces. The wall material is waterproof-treated with rubberized inner sides for extra waterproofing.

It comes with a polyester carry bag which is 16*8*6 inches in dimensions. The whole package includes guylines, two aluminum poles, the main tent, and stakes. There is no rainfly provided as the main body does waterproofing easily. Otherwise, you can buy a rainfly from separately.

What did we like about the tent?

The tent is compact and can be carried to any place. Waterproofing is also good even without any rainfly.

What we didn’t like about the tent?

The rubberized backing tends to break after a period of use.

Best for: Everyday Camping

Buying Guide for Military/Army Tents

Military tents are referred to as being more rugged and strong than conventional tents. These tents are more firm and sturdy for everyday use. And thanks to the evolved technology, they have evolved into being stronger than ever before.

But for a beginner in camping, searching for a good military tent can be very confusing. Therefore, to cut some of the hassles we have highlighted some points which should be kept in mind before buying a military tent. Read the followings below:

Choose the right size

The size of the tent will depend upon the number of people going camping. As with the Army tents, you can go to solo tents or tents with much more capacity.

Look for the materials used

Now check if the materials used for making the tent are good or not. Check for durability, reliability, waterproofing, sun protection, etc.


After deciding the size and material pick the price range. You will be looking for a tent within your budget and with decent quality.


Also, consider reading reviews and of all the tents that you shortlisted. Ask your peers and friends who have used a particular brand and take the final call.

Final Thoughts

Before buying a tent for camping, you should always consider checking for some good quality tents. Army tents are the best for durability and reliability. If you can find a good one then go for it.

Best of luck with your camping ventures.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What tent does the army use?

Army uses a tent with lots of space for keeping all the armory and accommodating people inside. Those tents are very rugged and generally made of canvas. They are also not made for comfort. While the single person tents used in the army are listed here.

Q2. What are army tents made of?

The materials used for army tents are dependent on the size of the tent. If the tent is large, then the canvas is used while smaller tents are made from polyester.

Q3. What is an A-frame tent?

A-frame tents are the oldest type of design followed in a tent. These tents are easy to set up but space efficiency is not good enough.

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