This list contains the review of 7 Best Backpack for Hiking.

Top 7 Backpack for Hiking

Last Updated on October 27, 2020

A good backpack for Hiking can be a boon if bought carefully. Hiking is a vigorous activity that involves long distance walking on trails and mountain paths. With that in mind, you need many things to keep with yourself for survival. Here, hiking backpacks come in for your rescue.

The backpack can store all the things that you need on your back during the adventure. These include; shelters, food, sleeping gear, first aid, apparel, and other essentials. Efficient backpacking is needed to cramp down everything in a small space. And to hold each stuff together, it is important to have a very good hiking backpack.


Benefits of having a great hiking backpack are that it allows you to go further down into the country roads. But with so many options in the market, it is very easy for hikers to get confused. It can be tougher than actually planning the trip as it is the most important thing.

So, if you are confused and don’t know which backpack to buy for hiking. We at Gones Camping have compiled the best ever list of top 7 Hiking Backpacks. A lot of attention to detail was put in to make this list. We have only garnered the best in the class backpacks ranging from 31 liters to full-sized (75 liters) backpacks for your endeavors.

The North Face Recon

Recon School Laptop Backpack

We are starting with a relatively small backpack because of its versatility. North Face is known for its reliability and durability when it comes to any kind of backpacks. One such backpack from them is the Recon. Ideal for use while hiking, cycling, camping, it even normal traveling, you can’t get enough of this.

The North Face has taken care of every bit while designing this backpack. Features like FlexVent; injection-molded shoulder strap, passed air mesh, BackSaver padded panel, breathable mesh, and many more, make this a perfect choice for easy and short camping trips. The closure type is a zipper-type that helps in keeping everything safe inside.

If you are planning to go for short camping or hiking, this is the backpack for you. It is designed to keep smaller gears. Recon is also very famous amongst laptop carriers.

What did we like about this backpack?

Talking about the ease of use; the back saver bottom panel helps in relieving the stress from your back so that you don’t get aches. FlexVent straps go very easy on your shoulders for that soft feel and touch. The straps are also very durable (being injection molded).

The brand had provided attention to the details which makes this product a great choice. Features like added front mesh pocket, premium hip belt side pockets, straps for better weight distribution, etc.

What we didn’t like about this Backpack?

About the cons of the backpack; there’s only one- the size, it is only 31 liters. Otherwise, the backpack is only 500 gm in weight.

Best for: Short and Lightweight Expedition

G4Free 50L Hiking Backpack

Hiking Backpack Waterproof

This backpack from G4Free is for sure a deal-breaker. This 50-liter backpack can be used for hiking, traveling, camping, etc. There are many dedicated compartments that can hold up your gear easily. This bag looks relatively smaller compared to the backpacks of the same capacity; which is a plus point.

This lightweight bag is made from Nylon Lining which is both water and scratch-resistant. Looking around for more features, you would find; one large front zipper, large pockets all over, 2 hip-belt pockets, a rain cover, a hydration bottle compartment, thick shoulder straps, and breathable mesh. There are adjustable straps that can hold extra luggage bags if needed.

What did we like about this backpack?

We found out that this bag has room for almost every piece of equipment that you could carry with yourself; like a camera, bottles, shoes, phone, apparel, and even iPads and laptops. There are separate compartments which double as space to keep shoes. This bag is ideally made for people who go on 1-2 days hikes. You can find a mini compass on the shoulder strap. It can come in handy at times.

What we didn’t like about this backpack?

The bag is frameless, which is good and bad both. It depends on your preferences. Frames in backpacks are very rigid and sturdy but tend to bend over time and bending the bag with itself. This problem is eliminated here, but if you need a backpack with frames then we would suggest looking for other options in the list.
Best for: Hope of 3-5 Days

TETON Sports Explorer 4000

Internal Frame Backpack

The Sports series from Teton are considered to be one of the best backpacks for hikers. We have picked Explorer 4000 because it is the one which provides the best value for the money. This framed backpack can easily hold luggage up to 4000 cubic inches (65 liters). The internal frame also helps in correcting your posture which is of great help in long journeys.

The weight distribution of this bag is best in the class; there are big pockets on the side of the bag that evenly distribute the weight. The sleeping bag has its own dedicated compartment. The drawstring over the top helps the bag in adapting to the full capacity. The hydration system has space for a 3-liter bladder.

Sturdiness, thick shoulder strap, exterior straps to attach extra gears, open-cell, and molded channels for ventilation, are some of the features that are exclusive to this backpack.

What did we like about this backpack?

Rigidity and the design are what we loved the most. Surely, this is the backpack which will last for many hikes. The large storage capacity with 6 other pockets is what makes this backpack the best value for the money. Although it is a big backpack, because of much adjustability it can fit almost everyone.

What we didn’t like about this backpack?

The bottom is quite vulnerable to getting wet which can be very annoying in the rainy season. But a rain cover is provided to overcome this issue.

Best for: Longer Durations Hikes

Mardingtop Molle Hiking Backpack

Backpacks with Rain Cover

Mardingtop Molle is a series of backpacks ranging from 50 liters to 75 liters (50L/60L/75L). These are probably the best series of products from the brand. Every individual bag in the series is unique in design but offers the same features. So, the 50-liter version will have the same feature as the 75 liters one. It sets these backpacks apart from every other on the list.

In terms of space, each design is roomy with exterior pockets. It is made out of super durable 600D polyester. The internals can hang small items and attachments. The front has a large opening for quick access while the top also has a large opening for easy packing and access. The internal frame helps in keeping the bag straight and sturdy.

What did we like about this backpack?

First of all, there are way too many designs available for every different capacity bag; which is a good thing. Another good thing is that it has unparalleled adjustability. The pack has a very light suspension system and thick padding which are helpful in comfort. The polyester is waterproof and the mole webbing improves the functionality.

What we didn’t like about this backpack?

Apart from being such a good product, it lacks the comfort that others provide. It lacks padding and upon that it is a purely ventilated bag.

Best for: Long Distance Hikes

WASING 55L Hiking Backpack

55L Internal Frame Backpack

Although it is not a famous brand, you should give it a try. This backpack from Wasing sports a very unique design. And they have seriously taken it to the next level. There are five fronts where it beats the other backpacks; price, stylish, plenty of pocket, attachments, and durable.

We would like to start with the price point of the bag. It costs only $49.99 and compared to the price, it is a durable product. The styling is quite controversial as some like it and some don’t. We kind of liked the looks of it but the material could have been better (in terms of waterproofing). The design of the pack is such that it has many different pockets incorporated inside and out. The lid has a large vertical zipper for that easy access. At the bottom, there is a large pocket for rain cover.

There are a good number of straps for attaching external gears or attaching the pack to one. The backpack is quite durable as the build is quite strong.

What did we like about the backpack?

The biggest advantage of the pack is the pricing. It is listed in a very aggressive price category. And according to the price, it is a durable pack. It also comes with an integrated rain cover for extra safety from rain.

What we didn’t like about the backpack?

This is not a backpack for people upwards of 6ft in height; it is quite a small pack. Another slight problem is the abundance of bright colors. So if you are not a fan of bright colors, this backpack is not for you.

Best for: Lightweight Country Trips

MOUNTAINTOP 55L/65L Hiking Backpack

Backpack with Rain Cover

Mountaintop makes this awesome backpack with everything in mind for the accessibility of the user. We looked for the features in the pack and there are many unique ones. For example, it comes with an emergency whistle and a separate wet area compartment.

It is available in two variants; 55L and 65L. Latter one ideal for one week of hiking (advanced hikers) while the former is good for 2-3 days of hiking. The main compartment is divided into two parts which are useful if you want to separate two contents. The usability is the best in the segment of this pack. The high-quality YKK zippers and buckles are very much durable which is enough for long-term use.

The material used is nylon which makes it intrinsically a water-resistant bag. Padding is provided wherever needed like the hip, shoulders, back, etc. The lid also has two pockets which can come in handy very often.

What did we like about this backpack?

The design is very appealing to the millennial generation. It is an affordable product that can fit into almost everyone’s budget. Also, apart from being a full-sized bag, it is very lightweight (around 1.65kgs).

What we didn’t like about this backpack?

The partition can create problems sometimes as it cannot hold heavy items without support. Another problem reported by the users is poor weight distribution. You can get tired after hours of hiking (when compared to others).

Best for: Dedicated In Forest Adventures

ARMYCAMOUSA Outdoor 3 Day Expandable 40-64L Backpack

Military Tactical Hiking Bag

This backpack from ARMYCAMOUSA comes under the category of tactical packs. Tactical backpacks are best for traveling with lots of gears. One such place where they lack is comfort, but not this bag from this famous brand. Despite being a tactical pack it made its way into this list just because of its level of comfort.

The pack is probably the only which expands its capacity according to the requirements. It has a removable waist belt which is very useful considering the size of the pack. The best part being is that it can be expanded from 39 liters to 64 liters. Made from 600D polyester, it is a waterproof bag right out of the packing.

What did we like about this backpack?

The bag is very good at the organization of stuff; it has many pockets and compartments to put your important gears for the trip. Being a tactical bag; it is very rugged, you wouldn’t have to worry about it getting torn. Every bit is heavy-duty.

What we didn’t like about this backpack?

However comfortable, it can sometimes lack the comfort-ness of a fully fledged hiking backpack. It is not ideal for long-term hiking.

Best for: Travel/Short Hikes and Treks

Buying Guide for Hiking Backpack

Planning to buy a Backpack for a Hiking trip was never easy. There are many considerations to be made and factors to look for. In this part, we will look at the main three things you should look for before buying a pack.

They are:
· Capacity
· Fit
· Added Features

Let’s take a look at each of them individually.


The capacity of the bag is decided on the basis of the type of trip you are going for. For shorter trips (1-3 nights), bags ranging from 30-50 liters are advisable, while for trips for 3-5 days, bags ranging from 50-70 liters are ideal. For longer trips of around a week or two, packs more than 75 liters incapacity should be used.

Also, the weight of the gear you are going to carry should be calculated for finding the best backpack.


You like to wear clothes which fit you perfectly. The same goes for the hiking backpacks; a great fit backpack can prove to be a delight. You should look for the right torso length and a snug grip over the hips. Shoulder straps should be padded and of the right size. Although everything is almost customizable; there are some dimensions that cannot be customized such as; the height and width of the bag.

Here are a few things you should provide attention to:
· Waist size
· Shoulder strap length
· Torso length
· Women-specific bags

Additional Features

After you know what capacity and size you want, it is time to look for added features in your backpack. Not all bags have the same features but ideally, look for something which increases the usability of the bag.

Checklist of features:

· Framed or frameless
· Access to the pack
· Ventilation
· Number of pockets
· Foldable or not
· Dedicated compartment
· Attachment for external luggage
· Paddings
· Compass
· Hydration system/bladder

Final Thoughts

A good backpack is the best companion of a hiker. While purchasing one, you should keep in mind the essential gear you want to take to the trek/hike. Choose a backpack, so that it packs all your stuff efficiently in a small space.

When it comes to spending money on something that you are so dependent on; you should do proper research prior to buying. The right hiking backpack will be a bonus for you.

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