Are You On The Lookout For Quality Name Brand Camping Tents Online?

Are You On The Lookout For Quality Name Brand Camping Tents Online?

Find great deals and discounts on all sorts of camping tents

Researching the right camping tent can be time consuming and frustrating not to mention expensive, but don’t’ fret, there is so much information online where you can find quality discount tents with advice on the best styles, shapes and sizes. Pick from a huge selection of camp tents like EurekaColemanKeltyNorth FaceOzark, EZ Up, Cape Cod Melody, Fargo, Hilary and Wenzel that you are guaranteed to see on a tent site.

Deciding on a reliable camp tent is a very important task and your most essential purchase. One of the most important topics you should be educated about is how to choose the best tent for your tent site. When reading the amount of people a tent can hold it rarely is accurate. A good rule of thumb is to always pick one with the amount of people you need plus one more. When you choose a tent for camping make sure that it will give you some room to move around to stretch for each person and have room for camping gear.

Secondly, take into consideration when are you camping in summer or winter and where will your tent site be? Tents are made of breathable ripstop nylon and are not waterproof. If you would like to waterproof tent you need a rain fly. It fits over the roof of the tent and works by directing rainwater to the sides of the tent. Most tents have a form of netting to keep out insects, however not all netting of tents are alike. Some netting is much finer keeping even the smallest insects out while others have larger weave. Keeping all this in mind, tents are designed to defend you against weather and insects but it will not keep you warm. Below you will find some of the most popular types of camp tents available.

Dome Tent

Dome Camping tentThe basic style of the dome tent is hexagonal. The fabric usually used is nylon. The weight is normally less than 8 pounds and can be freestanding or self-supporting. This means no stakes or lines are needed under normal circumstances. However, it’s a good idea to stake your tent down to prevent it from moving around. The dome tent is the choice of winter campers and mountaineers in larger sizes. The reason is because of its aerodynamic shape. It resists gusts of wind well and is easy to set up and dismantle.

Tunnel Tent

Tunnel TentIt can weigh as little as one and a half pounds. The type of material used is generally nylon. It is not a spacious tent, however it is very compact and lightweight. Being a freestanding tent it does not need any stakes unless a fly is added. Because of its design the wind flows off of it easily and makes it great for winter camping. It is easily assembled and dismantled.

A-Frame Tent

A-Frame Tent The frame of this tent can be either fitted into sleeves or standing independently of the shelter. They are generally made out of nylon. Weights vary from about 3 to 6 pounds. These tents are ideal for canoe trips, climbers, fishermen and hunters. They are relatively lightweight and spacious.

Tent Trailer

Tent TrailerDon’t want the hassles of sleeping on the ground or eating over a campfire? Then a tent trailer is right for you and it easily attaches right to your car or truck. Enjoy the experience of the great outdoors, without giving up the luxuries of home or other conveniences such as, a fridge, toilet, table or a forced air furnace.

Wall Tent

Wall TentIf you’re looking for larger size tents try out wall tents, they are a canvas tent with four vertical walls. Standard features of a wall tent are 5′ sidewalls, stove pipe ring with flap, sod cloth, zippered roll up canvas door, zippered roll up netted door, netted window with flap, brass grommets, reinforced peaks and corners, double stitching and a tent bag.

Truck Tents

Truck TentsA high quality truck tent is designed for the bed of a truck. Normally made of nylon these tents fit into full size long bed and short bed of virtually any pick-up truck on the market today, in less than 10 minutes Easy, convenient and no need to worry about finding that perfect campsite.

Pop Up Tents

Pop Up TentsThese tents have a quick setup and take down in less than one minute. Chosen for people who want the easiest way to set-up camp. Durable construction and convenient, these tents are a favorite for people on the move. Comes with carrying bag.

Summer Tents

Summer TentsA summer tent is commonly made up of inexpensive, lightweight, breathable nylon. They come with tent poles and tent pegs to set them up. The good thing about a summer tent is that they are inexpensive and usually have a lot of internal space. The unfortunate thing about summer tents is that they can be heavy to carry and are not very stable in strong winds.

Backpacking Tents

Backpacking TentsIf the weight of the tent is important to you, these are the tents to look at. Made with lightweight, durable fabrics and alloy or aluminum tent poles to give the tent good strength and stability. These backpacking tents pack down small enough to carry in a backpack. Keep in mind there is limited storage space and very little headroom in this type of tent.

Canopy Tent

Canopy TentDesigned for optimum sun protection and shade these tents are reliable and is constructed with the highest quality canvas and other materials.  Also is durable and water resistant, fire retardant and UV protected.  Usually made with a steel frame construction and sets up easily.  You can get this tent as a rental and is great for a party or wedding.

Family Tents

Family TentsFamily camping tents are suitable for large groups of people. Family tents are designed to sleep four or more people in comfort, with lots of headroom and space to move around in.

Convertible family tents usually come with extra tent poles, zip down tent windows and extended tent rain flies to provide added ventilation for summer weather and greater warmth and stability in winter weather.

Three-season family tents are the most common on the market. Designed for use in the summer, spring and fall. These family tents generally have a rain fly; mesh inserts for hot nights, and vestibule sufficient for storing a couple of backpacks.

Other discounted tents to research and look into from online manufacturers are temper tent tarps, canvas tent, SUV tent, crib tent, jeep tent, dog tent, Minivan tent, used tent trailer and tent campers.

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