A Bigger Tent for Family Camping

A Bigger Tent for Family Camping

Are you looking for a fun thing to do with the kids over the summer vacation? Many people love to go camping as a family for several great reasons. It really promotes family together time especially when you are sleeping together in a 5 person tent, or bigger depending on the size of your family.

At a time when televisions, computers and cell phones seem to rule our lives if we let it, this can be a great way to help your children to disconnect for a bit. Also spending time in the great outdoors is a wonderful way to create memories and have good times together.

Big enough for the whole family?

best tents you for your family

One of the first major items that you will need to get ready for your camping adventure is a tent big enough for the whole family. In this article, we will discuss how to find the best tent for your needs and specifically talk about one of our favorite options which are the North Face Dome Tent.

Most tents include the number of people that it holds within the actual name of the tent. Keep in mind though, that although the tent will comfortably hold that many adults, it does not take into consideration additional storage, baggage and additional camping gear that you may need to store in the tent as well. Another option would be to keep all additional items inside of your vehicle and only use the tent for sleeping. In our example, the North Face Dome 5 Tent is meant to be a 5 person tent and would sleep 5 adults with ease.

This may be better suited for families which include 2 adults and 2 children, allowing for a bit of extra space. The added space may be particularly appreciated when you have the occasional dreary day and the children need a place to be able to play cards or a board game without being on top of one another.

When shopping for your family tent, you will want to look for something that is very durable and one that can withstand all sorts of weather. This model, for example, is made of fabric that is waterproof and very sturdy. This specific tent also utilizes a special lift venting design that allows the tent to lift with the wind rather than to bend and risk being thrown about as some cheaper tents may be. This tent will definitely survive nearly any weather condition and it is also popular among serious mountaineers and people who like to hike extensively.

If you have a plan that includes hiking to your camping spot, you will also need to take the weight of your gear into account. This is a definite consideration when hauling 5 person tents as opposed to a 2 person tent because the added material and bulk can make for a much heavier haul when trekking longer distances. The North Face Dome is very lightweight and does come with an easy to use duffle-like storage back for easy packing, so this may be of less concern than with some of the other heavier and bulkier tent options.

We hope that this article helps to provide you with an option for your tent selection. There are many to choose from and searching online will provide a wide variety of options to help you select the best tent for your family.

Happy camping!

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