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Top 7 Best Sleeping Pads

It is very important for hikers to take good sleeping pads for the hike to vent out all the tiredness. We tested 7 different types of sleeping pads from the best brands on the internet. We have considered a few different factors for choosing only … Read More

Top 7 Sleeping Bags for Hiking

Hikers and backpackers are really very conscious about the weight, as it directly affects their ability to hike longer. Well, but there are certain things that you can’t give up on. And one such thing is your sleeping bag. You can’t sleep if you are, … Read More

Top 7 Hiking Chairs

We know how important it is to get a proper amount of rest after a long day hike. Therefore, to add to your comfort level, we have listed our Top 7 picks for Best Hiking Chairs. These chairs have been chosen based on many different … Read More

Best Army Tents for Camping

Back in the day, when there were very little synthetic materials used for making tents. Army tents made of canvas were the most durable. These tents were exclusively used by the armies and soldiers for shelters. ‘Army tents used for camping’ was not a popular … Read More

Top 7 Family Camping Tents

Outdoor camping and adventure hiking have been things if past due to this entire COVID-19 situation. But gradually everything is opening up, and so are the campsites. Now is the right time to choose the best family camping tent. We have compiled a list of … Read More

Top 7 Hiking Boots for Men

Hiking Boots are the first basic necessity for hikers or someone who is just starting with hiking. There are many things to look after for finding the best boots for hiking especially if you are a starter. Here, we have listed our top picks for … Read More

Top 7 Hiking Pants for Men

It can be tough to choose a good hiking pant for your adventures. Hiking pants are specifically made for bearing great abuse and perform well in nature. You should keep it clear in your mind that you need a lightweight yet durable pant for hiking. … Read More

Top 7 Hiking Pants for Women

For women who love spending weekends walking miles at a stretch, their hiking pants should be up for the same adventures. But you also know that buying the best hiking pants is not a hassle-free task. Therefore, we at Gone Camping have come up with … Read More

Top 7 Climbing Cams

Climbing cams aka the camming devices are the first line of defense for traditionally climbers while rock climbing. This is a review article on top 7 climbing cams.  These pieces of equipment for inside the cracks and spaces between the rocks. Even if the cracks … Read More

Top 7 Heavy Duty Camping Chairs

Camping chairs are one of the ‘must-haves’ while you are going on for camping, unless you want your bum to get numb. At Gones Camping, we have tested many different hiking chairs for years and today we present to you the list of Top 7 … Read More