Yellowstone and Glacier, Here We Come

And Salida, Colorado, and Cody, Wyoming, and wherever else the road takes us. This trip is all river festivals and rodeos and big skies and hopefully at least one bear sighting. From a distance. (However, god or somebody help me, this trip will not feature the just-referenced Bette Midler song that’s now lodged in my brain like an Amazonian parasite. Good job, Kahler.)

Like New Orleans, I find myself making annual pilgrimages to Salida, and these shots are from two years ago, when Sam was still a wee pup:

Sam in Salida Colorado

Not to scale.

Sam in Salida Colorado

Though his smile is still the same.

We’ll be gone a few weeks and I’ll post updates on Facebook, if you’re so inclined. Adventures await!

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  1. Godspeed!

    I wish you one bear sighting. (If that isn’t a Chinese proverb, it should be).
    Kim recently posted..Lamar, CO

    • Kim,

      Thanks! Too bad I hadn’t planned my trip for earlier – we could have met up out there. Looks like you’re having a great time.


  2. Happy Fibark! (First in Boating the Arkansas)
    And Welcome to Salida. Hope you and Sam have the best time ever.

    • Bob,

      Thanks! Great to meet you yesterday. Sam and I are having a lovely time, and I’m psyched for the festival to start tomorrow. Hope to see you and Liz there!


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